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Mum divides opinion after allowing 12-year-old daughter get her nose pierced

Mum divides opinion after allowing 12-year-old daughter get her nose pierced

The daughter got the piercing for a birthday present

A mum with a 12-year-old daughter has sparked mixed responses after sharing footage of her child getting her nose pierced for her birthday.

TikToker and mum Sharla describes herself online as being 'just a simple girl trying to be the best she can be', as well as being a mother and partner.

She regularly shares insights to her family life on TikTok, sharing clips including her daughter and partner and sharing updates of her own tattoos and piercings.

Sharla regularly includes her family in her TikTok videos.

Last week, it was her daughter's turn as Sharla posted a video of the young girl lying on the bed in a piercing shop while a member of staff stood over her and instructed her to take a deep breath as the needle went through her nose.

A caption on the clip explained that Sharla had taken her daughter to get the jewellery in her nose for her 12th birthday, and the mum could be heard praising her daughter as she sat through the process.

Sharla later shared a follow-up video to 'reveal' the piercing in all its glory, but after the mum shared the clips online she was met with an influx of mixed responses from viewers.

"No, just no," one disapproving person wrote, though another commented: "[you know] what, its [sic] your daughter not anyone else's. YOU CHOOSE FOR HER NOT US!"

One TikToker insisted they didn't want to spread any 'hate', but asked why Sharla took her daughter to get her nose pierced before she'd even become a teenager.

Sharla received support over the piercing from some viewers.

In response, Sharla explained: "Because she wanted it done for her birthday and I asked the piercing places in town what age limit they all agreed to do it at 12 so I took her then."

Another curious viewer questioned what the daughter's school thought of the jewellery, as many establishments prohibit or limit piercings while on the premises.

Sharla claimed she didn't 'really care' what the school thought, pointing out 'I'm her mother not them'. However, she noted that her daughter would be able to 'cover it for school hours if necessary'.

Many people have acknowledged the backlash Sharla has received for allowing her daughter to get her nose pierced at 12, but multiple people argued that they don't see anything wrong with it, and shared their own experiences of getting a piercing at a young age.

"I got my nose Pierced at 13, my mum took me, I got my belly done at 12 no regrets honestly, I’m a grown adult now still have both," one person wrote.

Sharla has admitted she 'didn't even think the video would get over a million views', but made clear that 'all the hate' she has received just 'makes [her] laugh'.

Featured Image Credit: @sharla105/TikTok

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