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Turns out we've all been curling our hair wrong

Turns out we've all been curling our hair wrong

Turns out that you've been using your curling wand wrong this entire time, and here's how to use it properly

Ah, the curling wands, a sure-fire way to burn your fingers, on the bright side, if they're used correctly you'll look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Well, it turns out that you've been using yours wrong this entire time, and here's how to use it properly:

A TikToker is here to show us exactly what we've been doing wrong so we can help finally fulfil our wildest hair dreams.

@bosleymd took to the video-sharing app to say: "Which way do you curl your hair?! Here's the recommended way to curl your hair to avoid more heat damage."

She then proceeded to point out exactly where we've been going wrong: "We started at the ends and then worked up. No, no, no. You know what, 90 percent of people who curl their hair do it wrong."

The content creator said start at the top.

"You're leaving the heat on the most vulnerable part of your hair. For the longest amount of time."

That makes sense, so how exactly do we curl without damaging our ends?

Well, as the content creator explains, start at the top of your hair and work down: "Lift that straight up [the hair], work right at the root and spin and spin and spin, leaving that little tail out and then gently release for a perfect coil of curl with no breakage at the ends."

And, honestly, we're ready to go grab our curling tongs and try the tip because who knew?

People quickly reacted to the tip, with some thanking the content creator: "Thank you, I’ve been wondering how to do curling my hair properly. Not hair savvy lol."

According to the content creator the technique protects the ends of your hair.

Another couldn't believe that they'd been doing their hair wrong this whole time: "Omggg I can’t believe this. I have been doing it wrong for so long."

A third added saying: "Oh shoot I never thought of that! Makes so much sense too."

Others actually knew the trick already, adding: "I already did this. Am I a unicorn or something. It’s common sense you have thicker hair at the top…"

We are certainly not in that category, but at least we don't seem to be the only ones.

However, others didn't agree, saying: "Actually the most vulnerable of your hair is your midsection! Your ends get trimmed, not the midsection - just my opinion."

To be honest, we're not sure what part of our hair is most vulnerable, we just want it took look nice.

Featured Image Credit: @bosleymd/TikTok

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