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People left in absolute disbelief after mum shares how old she actually is

People left in absolute disbelief after mum shares how old she actually is

Kelly LaVallie shared her actual age online and how she looks so young.

Ever looked at someone who's so youthful and radiant that you just NEED to know their secret?

One American mother has shocked her followers by sharing her age on one of her TikTok videos, highlighting the ways to 'successfully grow older':

Kelly LaVallie (@Kelly_Lavallie) has over 250,000 followers on the short-video social media app and talks about life, love, money, fitness and ageing.

The video in question talks about how she is ageing gracefully, heeding her teenage children's advice about what is considered 'cool' to wear and which outfits are a flop.

@Kelly_Lavallie / TikTok
@Kelly_Lavallie / TikTok

Many fans have taken to the comments section to express their utter disbelief after finding out that Kelly, who is curling her hair in the video, is in fact 51 years old.

"You're 51?!" exclaims one TikTok user, with another baffled commenter adding: "Thought you were 30."

Kelly kickstarts her video by saying: "My number one tip for successful aging... I mean I'm halfway right, I'm 51, but so far what I would say is... it's not Botox.

"Obviously Botox is fabulous, but one, don't get stuck in a fashion era, don't get stuck with a haircut that looked good on you 30 years ago."

The youthful looking mum instead recommends not being afraid to grow and adapt your fashion sense and style as time goes on, so you can continue to maintain a sense of youth whilst keeping up with the times.

"We've all seen the old broads, hundred years old rocking some up-to-date fashion, that is who we want to be," Kelly continues.

"Trust your kids when they say 'Mum, that outfit is a**e'."'

Although children sometimes have no filter and can be harsh in their delivery when giving critiques, Kelly admits that she would prefer to be told an honest review of her outfit rather than being lied to that she looked fabulous if she didn't.

"I know they're mean, but they're usually right and I think this applies on the inside as well, don't get stuck in the way you view yourself or what you think you can do," says Kelly.

@Kelly_Lavallie / TikTok
@Kelly_Lavallie / TikTok

Another tip Kelly has is to not 'give up', saying 'don't decide to be an old f**ker - and that's not a number, you can be that when you're like 40'.

Kelly's followers have happily heeded her advice with one commenter saying: "Love this! 'Successful aging' instead of 'anti-aging','" and another adding: "Yes! My mum always says people get stuck in the decade they felt most comfortable in."

Kelly has also wrote a book which has more of her lifestyle tips in.

Featured Image Credit: @Kelly_Lavallie

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