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Woman who appeared on Snog Marry Avoid more than 10 years ago shows off her transformation

Woman who appeared on Snog Marry Avoid more than 10 years ago shows off her transformation

She's left behind the fake tan and heavy make up

A woman who appeared on BBC Three’s Snog Marry Avoid? has revealed her much more natural look 12 years on. Check it out:

For those of you who are not familiar with the top tier TV show - Snog Marry Avoid? invited ‘slap addicts’ and ‘fakery obsessed’ guests into POD – the Personal Overhaul Device - for a makeunder, stripping back layers of fake tan, make up and false eyelashes, to reveal a ‘natural beauty’.

Now former contestant Sophie, who appeared on the show when she was just 18, has revealed how she looks now - and it’s fair to say POD appeared to have an impact.

When appearing in the show, Sophie looked drastically different to how she does today, sporting very long, very blonde hair extensions, super dark fake tan, a face full of makeup and lashes so thick and heavy you’d wonder how she opened her eyes.

How Sophie looked when she was 18.

Fast-forward more than a decade and Sophie has stopped hiding her pretty face behind so much slap and now opts for a much more natural look.

Sharing an old clip of herself from the show on TikTok, Sophie said: “If you know, you know...

“This is me at 18 on the programme Snog Marry Avoid? I am now 30 in a couple of months.”

With her before and after pics in the background, Sophie added: “One thing about me you guys didn’t know but I thought I would share. This is me when I was 18. Can’t believe I'm showing you guys. What was I actually thinking? I have no words.

“I did the show back when I was 18, that was roughly 12 years ago now… literally, I have no words to… what I looked like back then.”

How she looks now.

Sophie’s 31,000 followers were quick to praise her new, more natural look with one saying: “I remember this! You looked so different! You look absolutely beautiful now”

Another wrote: “Wow I also remember u hating the transformation lol, and now look at you, we all done it back then babe. Thought we looked great there was just no telling us, least we grow up.”

Someone else said: “Omg this episode is actually ICONIC if you was around then. You’re such a natural beaut though, the things we learn along the way aye.”

While a fourth posted: “You look younger now than you did back then.”

Sometimes less is more, eh?

Featured Image Credit: @sophiebow1992/TikTok/BBC

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