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Sephora is finally opening in the UK

Sephora is finally opening in the UK

It's official!

Beauty lovers, listen up - after months of 'will they, won't they?' rumours, it's been confirmed that Sephora is coming to the UK.

The French beauty giant has maintained its status as a top tier personal care and cosmetics provider since it launched back in 1969.

Although there was a brief UK opening in the 00s, the six British stores had shut their doors by 2005.

But with the rise of TikTok and other social media apps, Brits have been calling on the brand to come back.

Sephora is coming to the UK!
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Rumours the chain was making a return to the UK were fuelled following the company's acquisition of online beauty retailer FeelUnique.

FeelUnique's co-founder Aaron Chatterley wrote on LinkedIn at the time of the news: "I now happily leave the company in the incredible hands of SEPHORA, safe in the knowledge that what we created will now become the go-to destination for beauty in the UK."

But people were still stuck in limbo as they waited to find out if the rumours were true – until now.

Yes, in an exclusive interview with Glamour Magazine, the beauty firm has confirmed that Sephora is set to land in Blighty.

It'll start off with a website and app launch on 17 October, so be sure to get that in the diary.

Then in Spring 2023 a London store will open, and the FeelUnique website will be rebranded with the famous Sephora stripes.

The publication highlighted a number of product lines that'll be included in the UK opening, one of those being Makeup By Mario, the person responsible for Kim Kardashian's signature look.

Also in the line-up will be Gwen Stefani’s GXVE range, Patrick Starr’s One/Size and a whole host of Sephora specials such as Tarte Cosmetics and Vegamour – not to mention its own collection.

Speaking to Glamour about the exciting news, Sylvie Moreau, Sephora's president in Europe and Middle East, said: "It’s Sephora 4.0, tailored to the UK market.

"We feel makeup is underserved here in the UK, so there will be a focus on makeup as well as skincare."

She continued: "We design with Gen Z in mind as we see them as our future and we believe the influencing ladder has changed upside down over the last few years.

"This younger generation are extremely knowledgeable and they now influence their mothers and those around them. It's a big voice."

So if you're a Sephora fan, best save up your cash ready for later this month.

Featured Image Credit: Kumar Sriskandan/REUTERS/Alamy Stock Photo

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