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Perfume Expert Explains Why We All Love Britney Spears' 'Fantasy'

Perfume Expert Explains Why We All Love Britney Spears' 'Fantasy'

This is so interesting!

A perfume expert has revealed why we all love Britney Spears' 'Fantasy' - and it's so fascinating.

TikToker @renzephyr took to the video sharing platform to explain why the perfume is such a favourite, and Britney fans are loving it.

You can watch the video below:

Answering the question of why Fantasy is the 'greatest celebrity perfume ever made' the expert explained the gourmand fragrance is fruity, and also has notes of white chocolate cupcake, kiwi and litchi.

"Those notes are playing to both the childhood memories of adults and they key into what younger people really like. The clever part is that underneath there is jasmine, musk and orris, which older people key in as more mature smells," he says.

The expert revealed why we all love Fantasy (

And people were quick to comment on the video, with one person writing: "I worked in Claire’s when they sold this stuff and yeah we had to take the sprayer off… oh the headache."

While another said: "This was my wedding day scent almost 12 years ago."

And a third added: "YESSS I love this perfume so so much."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "This was one of my favourite fragrances for years🥰🥰🥰."

And a fifth wrote: "Yeah it's been my perfume since since teen to now my thirties I always get compliments when wearing it must admit it has changed over the years a bit."

"Fantasy was my first ever perfume and honestly still love it 13 years on," added another.

Is Fantasy the 'greatest celebrity perfume ever made'? (

Others offered views on alternative celebrity perfumes, with one adding: "Paris Hilton for Men is a surprisingly great celebrity fragrance as well. It gets more compliments than bottles three times it’s price for me."

While another said: "The golden age of celebrity perfume!! I loved jlo glow."

And a third commented: "I loved Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift! Been so long since I’ve used it!! Huge compliment getter."

What's your favourite celeb scent?!

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