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Women Are Raving About 'Magic Scrub' That Removes Fake Tan In 60 Seconds

Women Are Raving About 'Magic Scrub' That Removes Fake Tan In 60 Seconds

Dark patches and uneven streaks could be a thing of the past

People are raving about a ‘magic scrub’ that removes fake tan in just 60 seconds, meaning no more dark patches and uneven streaks. 

With summer in full swing, many are reaching for the fake tan bottle to top up their sunkissed looks in a way that won’t jeopardise their skin safety. 

But keeping this topped up can be a bit of a nightmare once you’ve already applied a first layer. 

It can take weeks for a home tan to fully come off in the shower, meaning you’ve either got to just deal with uneven patches or be patient and wait.

People are raving about this fake tan remover.

However, this problem could very well be a thing of the past if the reviews of Rose and Caramel's Purity Excel 60 second tan remover are anything to go by. 

The product is described as a blend of key self tan removal ingredients, natural pearlite and rejuvenating salts, and will cost you £29.99 per 440ml tub or £19.99 for 200ml. 

Sure, it’s a bit pricey - but it appears it’s worth the money for regular self tan users, and one even said ‘it may seem a bit steep but the tub is surprisingly big’. 

Numerous people have taken to social media to share their love for the scrub, with one writing on TikTok: “Ok this is the best tan remover I’ve ever come across… I’m obsessed.”

Customers have demonstrated how simple it is to just wiped the tan away after applying the scrub.

Dozens of others have demonstrated strip tests, showing how easy it is to simply wipe the tan off after as little as one minute post-application. 

The countless TikTok videos have done their job, as said by one five star reviewer: “This was recommended through TikTok.” 

They added: “As someone who uses ultra dark fake tan and never found a tan remover that works, I was sceptical. 

“This stuff is amazing! The tan wipes off my body in a few swipes after only 3/4 days, what more could I ask for? It also smells unreal!”

Another wrote: “I’ve had disappointing results with tan remover in the past (and this was from the well-known market leader) but this stuff actually works! 

Apparently it smells good too.

“I made the mistake of not leaving it on long enough first time, but on the following attempt I left the granular, jelly-like gunk on for a few minutes (it recommends three) and the false tan came off relatively easily with an exfoliating mit. 

“It still takes a bit of work mind, but a lot easier and more effective than the other brand I’ve used. It’s mildly scented and pleasant to use.”

So if you’re a fake tanner in need of a new removal solution, this may be the investment for you.

Featured Image Credit: @roseandcaramel/Instagram

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