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Everybody Is Saying The Same Thing About Woman's Marble Nails

Everybody Is Saying The Same Thing About Woman's Marble Nails

This is when you ask for a refund...

People can't stop cracking jokes after watching this woman's manicure fail and noticing that her 'marble nail' design looks like something else...

TikTok creator Meghan Alexander (@meghan.alexander) was dumbfounded when she left the salon with a rather NSFW pattern on her nails, and her followers are in stitches.

Check out the shocking design here:

Everyone is saying the same thing about the dreadful finished product, and we must confess, our minds went there too...


"I can’t say what does it look like😂😳😅" joked another.

A third amused follower added: "No i will not say what they look like 😳"

Keeping things PG, one viewer suggested: "Looks like tadpoles 🤣🤣🤣🤣"

Yes, tadpoles... that's what we thought too...


Rather than a luxurious accent marble nail one each hand, Meghan went home with a nail design that more closely resembled sperm.


Despite the horror of it all, TikTok viewers couldn't help themselves, and took the opportunity to poke some fun at poor Meghan.

"Say hello to the next generation," wrote one comedian.

Another jokester commented: "Guess you’ll have a new set of nails nine months from now."

A third added: "They wanted to remind u of your first competition u have won🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍❤️"

This video has definitely inspired us to do our own nails for a while - especially after learning this genius TikTok nail-drying hack.

Maybe we'll stick to doing our own nails for a while... (

Yes, coming through with yet another genius tip, TikTokers have our backs once again with the ultimate hack to drying your freshly polished nails quicker - and it's ridiculously easy.

Now, according to TikTok, it doesn't dry them completely, so you still need to be cautious, but it's said to hugely speed up the process and is perfect for anyone who gets mega impatient waiting for their polish to dry.

We're definitely willing to give this a try - especially if it means avoiding some cringe nail designs...

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/TikTok

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