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Simple Hack Dries Nails In 30 Seconds

Simple Hack Dries Nails In 30 Seconds

We're so glad we found this.

If you've ever painted your nails before bed, you'll know the pain of waking up in the morning to dents and smudges. We were sure they were dry?!

Well, now, TikTokers have come up with the ultimate hack to drying your freshly polished nails quicker - and it's ridiculously easy.

You can watch a clip below:

How did we never know about this?

Now, according to TikTok, it doesn't dry them completely, so you still need to be cautious, but it's said to hugely speed up the process and is perfect for anyone who gets mega impatient waiting for their polish to dry.

The original poster also recommended leaving them submerged for more than 30 seconds if you're wearing two coats of polish.

People are loving the trick on TikTok (

And others are loving the trick, with one person writing: "It does work I do it all the time with my nails before I even saw this I been doing it for years."

While another commented: "I did this before and it did work!"

And a third said: "Yep been doing this forever!!"

In other beauty TikTok news, we told you about the easy peasy way to clean your beauty blenders.

TikToker Leanne revealed an amazing method to get beauty blenders looking shiny and new once again.

Firstly, she takes a handful of beauty blenders and puts them into a regular bowl and covers them with a scoop of Vanish oxide advance powder which is usually used to get rid of stains from clothes. 

Beauty blenders are the key to any great makeup routine (

She then pours over some hot water from the kettle and lets the mixture bubble for an unspecified amount, before using a spoon to check each blender is covered.

Once the liquid has cooled and finished bubbling, she rinses off each blender and voila! As good as new. You can watch a video here.

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