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We're officially in our hot girl summer season complete with bikinis, tanning oil and sundresses galore, however, it's clear that there are some elements to a scorching heatwave that are far from cushty.

From an awkward sunburn/tan-line situation and the absolutely dreaded thigh chafing all the way through to the faff of anything strapless and major facial sweating - there are some things that are simply insufferable when the mercury starts to rise.

However, Olivia Attwood may be our saving grace this summer after devising an absolute 'genius' makeup hack involving deodorant.

Olivia Attwood shared the 'absolute genius' makeup hack to Instagram.

In case you haven't noticed - it's been a bit hot recently.

The whole nation seems to be busting out the back garden pools, lathering on the SPF and chugging a good old Pimms in its gallons all in hopes to combat these soaring temperatures we're currently seeing.

And, if you're anything like me, it's only a matter of time before the hot weather brings on the inevitable SULA - an acronym for 'Sweaty Upper Lip Alert'.

But we need fret no more about sweaty faces and makeup that looks like it's just had a go on the slip-and-slide as Olivia has revealed a brilliant remedy to the age-old problem.

The former Islander applied deodorant just above her top lip.
Instagram/ @oliviajade_attwood

The former Love Island star took to Instagram yesterday (13 June) to share with her two million followers the latest beauty hack that will make your makeup 'summer proof'.

The beloved TV personality uploaded a 'Get Ready With Me' video of her doing her make-up while on her honeymoon with husband Bradley Dack.

All about keeping that pesky moisture at bay, Olivia can be seen swiping a stick of deodorant across her face as a key step in her routine just after contouring her face.

In a post to her story, she then shared a picture of herself sometime later in the day in a staggering 38 degrees, revealing the method to the apparent madness.

Olivia's 'makeup didn't move all day' after using the hack.
Instagram/ @oliviajade_attwood

The image caption reads: "So basically what you need to know is setting your makeup with stick deodorant will change your life.

"This is one back from my Vegas pageant days lol.

"I use it anywhere you get makeup movement in the heat on a bare face first and then I go over at the end."

The reality star resolved: "It's 40 degrees here and my makeup didn't move all day. You're welcome x."

After some followers were left baffled by the fleeting appearance of deodorant in the makeup routine, Olivia has since posted a follow-up video today further explaining the hack.

In the short clip, Olivia began: "Okay, no gatekeeping here.

"I like to use a stick deodorant like this. Not a roll on one, I think the waxy ones are better."

She continued: "Like I said in my Instagram post, we need one that's separate for the makeup bag - we're not going armpit to face. We're not animals."

Olivia posted a follow-up 'Get Ready With Me' video to explain the hack.
Instagram/ @oliviajade_attwood

Olivia added it was 'really important' to have a 'clean' face with 'no skincare' before applying the deodorant.

"You're basically going to go over the areas that you sweat - forehead, whatever," she carried on.

"Put it wherever you think you sweat and then you just carry on with your routine as usual," she concluded.

Fans rushed to the comments to flood the star with praise for explaining the hack of the season, with one Instagram user writing: "Sorry are you a genius? Xx"

A second echoed: "This is genius!"

"What a good idea for hot weather!!" gushed a third.

A fourth revealed: "Immediately adding to today's shopping list!"

A final Instagram user exclaimed: "No more SULA!"

So, that's our heatwave makeup looks sorted then.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@oliviajade_attwood

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