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Woman, 92, says £2 cream is the secret to keeping her looking young

Woman, 92, says £2 cream is the secret to keeping her looking young

92-year-old Joan Sumner shares her beauty secrets with her followers on TikTok

A 92-year-old woman who many refuse to believe is anything like that age has revealed that her secret to looking so youthful is a cream that can be picked up for around £2. Here she is explaining how she stays looking decades younger than she is.

Joan Sumner was born in 1930, as her TikTok handle @joansumner1930 suggests, but is in remarkably good nick for that age.

In fact, most people assume that she’s around 30 years younger than that.

That means that loads of people are queuing up to learn what her secret is, and she’s quite willing to tell them about it.

No-one is willing to believe that she's 92-years-old.

To be fair, Nivea – who make the cream – should start paying her a wage for the amount of good publicity that she is bringing their way, because she’s a living embodiment of how it works, if what she says is true.

Claiming to have used the cream for more than 70 years, Joan – who was born on 6 September 1930 – explained: “My secret is Nivea, because I’ve used it for 70-odd years.

“When I think about it now, I used to have a hot bath, get out of the bath, dry myself, and then while my body was still hot I used to put this cream on, but it wasn’t the soft cream in those days, it was a little bit harder so I used to have to warm it first and make it soft.

“Since the soft cream came out, it’s wonderful now.

“You can do that for your body every time you have a bath or a shower.

“Get your body warm and spread it all over you, and you’ll look beautiful when you’re my age.”

There you have it – maybe it’s really all as simple as that.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll look that good at 92, or even live to 92.

No cream can make that sort of promise, and if it could it would come at a much higher cost than £2.

Many others have joined in to express their love for the simple cream.

One said: “My mum always used Nivea her skin was so soft I wish I could feel her cheek just one more time.”

Another said: “Me too. Nivea all the way.”

A third wrote: “I’m 52, I use Nivea every time I’ve showered.”

Nivea have even asked her to collaborate.

In another video last year, Joan explained how she came to use the cream in the first place, telling her thousands of followers: “My friend came to the house and she said, ‘This cream has just come out, Joan. Try it, it’s brilliant.'

"So, I’ve used Nivea cream for years and years and years."

In the end, Nivea did ask to do a collaboration with her, as her granddaughter announced: "Message from Grandma Joan - Because of you guys and the lovely messages - NIVEA have asked to collaborate with me.

“I'm overwhelmed. Thank you!"

Because of her youthful looks, Joan is frequently asked whether she’s had any work done, but says that the only surgery she’s had is on her hips and knee.

She said: "No surgery at all on my face... Well I've had hips and knee surgery.

"I couldn't afford it! I've had eight children, eighteen grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren - I've never had enough money to do that!

"When you see people that have got Botox, you can tell.

“They seem to freeze, they don't seem to be able to smile properly anymore. It just doesn't look normal at all.

"Goodness knows what they're going to look like at my age!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@joansumner1930

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