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A self-confessed body modification lover says spending $12,000 (£10,000) on their extreme look has made them ‘feel beautiful and confident’.

Jessy Kirkpatrick, 27, has been on a wild transformation journey since they were 16, spending thousands on modifications to their body.

Kirkpatrick, who identifies as non-binary, now has a stretched septum, tongue and lip, stretched nostrils, multiple lip piercings and silicone horn implants.

They also have large face and neck tattoos.

Kirkpatrick, from Wichita, Kansas, US, works as a blogger and runs their own website while sharing clips of the changes online.

Jessy Kirkpatrick says their modifications make them 'feel confident'.

But while they are ‘obsessed’ with their body modifications because it gives them confidence and makes them feel beautiful, many people who view their videos online aren’t so keen on the mods.

Some viewers have spammed the comments section with hate and even nastily label Kirkpatrick a ‘freak’.

But Kirkpatrick ignores their haters and said they’ll keep on modifying their body to their heart’s content.

They say: "People say I will go to Hell for how I look, and go on and on about how I’ve ruined my body - claiming that I look ugly, that I’m a freak.

“A lot of nasty emojis are left on my videos and people laugh at me.

"But there are nice comments too and people who really enjoy my content. They say that I inspire them and that they are always there to support me.”

Kirkpatrick continues: "I get body mods it because they give me confidence. They make me feel beautiful and powerful.

Kirkpatrick began their body modifications when they were aged 16.

“After receiving abuse my whole life, I’ve found this that makes me happy - that it makes me feel beautiful again after spending my whole life of feeling used, disgusting, and ugly.

"This is my form of beauty, and I will never apologise for it or for being myself.”

The body modification-obsessed blogger has a long list of the work they want to do next: "I plan on getting eyeball tattoos, scarification, a full-body blackout suit, more dermals, my tongue split, tattoos under my tongue, a larger stretched labret, larger nostrils, larger septum, and five-inch earlobes.”

And despite their family being initially being stand-offish about Kirkpatrick's passion for body modification, they love them regardless: "My mum was put off at first because she believed that the modifications would ruin my future - that I would be ridiculed my whole life.

Kirkpatrick says their brother finds them 'super cool'.

“She said I didn’t need them because I was already beautiful.

"I begged her for my first two lip piercings, and from there, I just got more and more extreme. Sometimes, she gets worried because of how I extreme I’m going, but she loves me and believes in me regardless.

"I’ve never had problems with jobs because I just wear clear jewellery to hide my mods. My brother finds what I do super cool, and my dad is kind of in the same boat as my mom.

"Nowadays, it would probably be hard to get a big corporate job, but I don’t really need a job like that. I manage pretty well on my own, doing what I need to do."

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