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Woman who spent over £80,500 to become a ‘real life Barbie’ says she has no regrets

Woman who spent over £80,500 to become a ‘real life Barbie’ says she has no regrets

She's gone under the knife many times to achieve her idea of perfection

Apparently, life in plastic truly is fantastic as one woman has splurged over £80,500 to turn herself into a life-size Barbie - and she has zero regrets about her transformation.

Jazmyn Forrest, from Queensland, Australia, was just 18 when she went under the knife for the first time to get her breast augmentation.

Since then, the 25-year-old has undergone a multitude of procedures to turn herself into a totally different woman - aesthetically at least.

Despite all the expense, she's still not done, as she has a list of surgeries she still wants to undergo.

The Aussie believes that her life has improved due to the work she's done, as people treat her better now that she's 'hot'.

Jazmyn Forrest spent over £80,000 to transform herself into a real life Barbie.

Forrest said: "I was a teenager when I first thought about having plastic surgery.

"I saw girls with fake boobs and noticed how the pretty women got treated so much better. I knew from then I had to invest in my body.

"With each surgery,I really do great treated better by both men and women, while my confidence also skyrockets.

"I see my body twice a day before I shower, and I see my face twice a day when I brush my teeth, so it really helps my self-esteem.

"It so worth investing in your body and face, as that is what the world sees.

"I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without my looks. From dating to friends, people give you a chance when you are hot."

In addition to her boob job, Forrest has a total of 6ml of filler injected into her lips, alongside fillers in her cheeks, jaw, temple and nasolabial folds - all alongside regular botox injections.

With regards to her body, the Queensland native has had vaser liposuction to her stomach, arms, inner thighs, upper and lower back, chin and face.

Jazmyn Forrest has spent thousands to transform her apperance.

She also got her breasts enhanced again when she was 24.

Recently, she jetted off to South Korea for a rhinoplasty and a forehead reduction.

Although she's received many compliments, she has also had people tell her that she's gone 'too far' with her quest for perfection.

But Forrest insists that she's happy with her appearance and doesn't pay mind to the critics: "People always say 'you look amazing, you don’t need anything done' after I’ve had so much done.

"I say it is never too much. While I’m young, I want to have fun with my body and face. But people hate no matter what, I think it stems from a lack of knowledge they have.

"I don’t care what other people think. I do this all for me, I see myself more than anyone else.

"We should be able to do whatever we like to our bodies. I still think being a nice person is always the main thing though.

"But it’s so much better being nice and hot at the same time."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jazmynforrest1

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