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People Are Loving This Beauty Blender Cleaner Hack

People Are Loving This Beauty Blender Cleaner Hack

We're trying this ASAP!

A woman on TikTok has revealed a fabulously easy way to clean beauty blenders - and we're actually obsessed.

Watch the video below:

Beauty blenders are a huge must for any makeup routine, but cleaning them can be a bit tricky. 

Luckily for us, Leanne has come through with an amazing method to get beauty blenders looking shiny and new once again.

Firstly, she takes a handful of beauty blenders and puts them into a regular bowl and covers them with a scoop of Vanish oxide advance powder which is usually used to get rid of stains from clothes. 

Beauty blenders are the key to any great makeup routine (

After pouring some hot water from the kettle over them, she lets the mixture bubble for an unspecified amount of time and uses a kitchen spook to ensure each beauty blender is covered entirely by the mixture.

Once the liquid has cooled and finished bubbling, she uses a sieve to drain the murky water and finishes off by rinsing each beauty blender under a tap. 

TikTok is officially obsessed with beauty blenders and some make-up obsessives believe freezing them before you use has a huge impact on the application of foundation. 

Beauty blenders are makeup sponges (

The “frozen beauty blender” trend grew in popularity last month after the TikTok account @gwmakeup shared a video showing this exact ‘hack’ with the caption: “For a smooth & flawless finish try this!”

While some users said they tried it and noticed changes in their skin’s appearance, others theorised you already need ‘flawless’ skin in order for it to work.

Make-up artists typically suggest people to warm foundation in your hands before applying to the skin for a more natural finished look.

Celebrity facialist Ada Ooi clarified that using frozen beauty blender is not harmful to the skin by principle, but it is not something a skin care expert would recommend doing.

Ada said: “Even if you're using a cleaned sponge, unless you are very familiar with the ingredients in your foundation, any oil particles in it will be repelled by the frozen sponge when it thaws and melts and makes a mess.

"Furthermore, as the melted water blends with your foundation, it can easily evaporate, pulling more moisture within your skin to the air, making your skin feel even drier throughout the day - not to mention dry skin creates 'cracks' in your makeup.”

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