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People Swear By This Hack To Find 'The Perfect Lip Colour'

Ali Condon

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People Swear By This Hack To Find 'The Perfect Lip Colour'

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

People are fascinated by this genius hack to create your perfect lip shade combo - and it doesn't involve a single lipstick, stain, or liner.

Yes, really! You can create your perfect natural lip colour with totally different makeup products.

So how does it work? Watch this video to find out!


The trend first took off on TikTok, when creator Kenzie B (@yokenzieb) let her followers in on the genius hack.

At first, some viewers were unsure, telling the TikToker that the hack would hardly work for people with black or blonde eyebrows.

But others reported back with high success rates.

"It worked for me and I'm blonde. I was shocked. She's telling the truth," commented one viewer.

Another wrote: "Don't underestimate the black lipliner and gloss combo"

"No but I tried it and if you blend it out it's perfect," added a third.

Now, people are taking the original video sound and showing off their own versions of the hack, revealing how it looks on different skin tones.

People are obsessed with this make-up trend. (Credit: TikTok/@couurtneyheath)
People are obsessed with this make-up trend. (Credit: TikTok/@couurtneyheath)

All you will need to try out the hack is your eyebrow pencil, your blush, and your favourite lipgloss.

Simply take your eyebrow pencil and use it to line your lips, then fill in the middle of your lip with whatever you usually use as a blush.

Finally, dab on your favourite lip gloss and press your lips together to blend your two shades.

So far, the trend has been a resounding success across all skin and hair tones and we're so excited to try it ourselves!

(Credit: TikTok/@saima_shoaib)
(Credit: TikTok/@saima_shoaib)

Earlier this week, we learned about another genius make-up hack that will have your beauty blenders looking good as new.

All you'll need is your beauty blender, a bowl, a scoop of Vanish oxide advance powder, and a kettle of hot water.

Click here to try out the hack for yourself!

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Ali Condon
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