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Expert reveals which eye colour gets the most attention on dating apps

Expert reveals which eye colour gets the most attention on dating apps

It turns out that eye colour really does influence match numbers

Dating apps these days can be a minefield and it takes a lot of effort - and sometimes peer review - to ensure your profile stands out.

But now, an expert has revealed that, for some, their eye colour is actually making them more popular on dating apps.

The discovery was made by Lenstore, a contact lense shop, which conducted a study that saw them change the eye colour of dating app users to see if it affected their matches.

They then assessed whether the profiles on Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge saw any variation in matches when the person's eye colour changed, but their photographs and biography did not.

Eye colour can affect your chances of success on dating apps.
Alamy / Alejandro Guillermo Santiago Ruhl

While you'd imagine that it's something most of us only notice subconsciously, it turns out that a person's eye colour does influence their popularity on apps.

The store also used some unnatural eye colours like black and purple in the experiment too.

However, it was natural colours that reigned supreme, as blue-eyed men received more matches, while women with hazel-coloured eyes were preferred.

When it came to men, the second most preferred eye colour was brown, and in third place came green.

The least popular eye colours for men were the artificial colours of black and purple.

The second most popular female eye colour was purple (although, admittedly, that would be hard to find without contact lenses) followed by black in third place.

Weirdly, it was the natural colours of blue and brown that were least favoured in women.

But Lenstore concluded that people's favourite eye colours aren't random and are influenced by four main factors: your childhood, emotional compatibility, beauty standards and general personal preference.

Men with blue eyes are favoured on dating apps.
Alamy / Image Source

Lenstore's findings was also backed up by sex and relationship coach Ness Cooper, Indy100 reports.

Cooper said that we are unconsciously attracted to people with similar physical attributes to ourselves - or attributes shared by people we have previously had positive interactions with.

In particular, we are drawn to the the eye colour of our parents or caregivers, as it releases positive hormones that we experienced when we were children.

Cooper said: "If you prefer blue eyes for example, it may be that you just have good past experiences as a child where happier feelings and positive hormones were released due to feeling safe with that person, and your memory may be recalling those moments when searching for a future partner or date."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy / Image Source Alamy / Alejandro Guillermo Santiago Ruhl

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