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Man shows off Christmas acrylic nails but people say they look like 'bricks'

Man shows off Christmas acrylic nails but people say they look like 'bricks'

Not the reaction he was expecting...

It may be early November, but it's never too early to treat yourself with a Christmas-inspired manicure.

That's what TikToker Adam Birks thought when he went to the salon to get his first festive nail set of the season.

After leaving the pamper session, Adam shared a TikTok video of the process and the finished product - but not everyone was impressed.

Adam's manicure went viral on the video-sharing app, with 402k likes and a whopping 5.9 million views, though it wasn't exactly good press.

Filming himself before he went into the salon, he wrote: "I had to go to a different nail shop and I asked for Christmas nails, I'm in SHOCK."

Beneath the video, his caption read: "I couldn't get into my normal nail tech."

After filming the process, Adam showed off the finished product - a set of long, square-shaped, red acrylic nails, complete with a a candy-cane striped nail on his ring ringer, and an accent snowflake design on his middle finger.

When they got a look at Adam's nails, TikTok users ran to the comments to share their harsh critiques.

"The nail art is good just not the shape," said one viewer.

"Art work is super cute," another comment promisingly began, before adding: "But revoltingly long and horrible shape for me personally."

And a third unimpressed viewer simply wrote: "They look like bricks."

Others suggested that Adam went back to the nail salon to ask for his money back.

Adam filmed a before and after of his nails.

It turns out, though, that most viewers misunderstood what Adam meant when he said he was 'in shock.'

While most assumed he was horrified with his Christmas manicure, Adam had to take to the comment section to let followers know that he actually did like his new nails.

"I love how mad everyone is over MY nails," he wrote. "I love them so..."

Thankfully, there actually were a few viewers who liked Adam's nails.

"Everyone’s hating but i think they’re so cute!" assured one TikToker.

"I think they’re cute and she did a great job," wrote a second. "She obviously knows how to do her job and people need to stop complaining."

"I genuinely think they’re cute if you like them," added a third.

All in all, if Adam is happy with his nails, then that's all that matters. Because his nails really could have turned out a whole lot worse.

That's what I learned after hearing about TikToker Beth, who had the manicure from hell.

People were really unimpressed with Adam's nails.

Taking to TikTok, Beth said that the next time her nails need some TLC, she will be using press on nails after she almost lost her thumb from a 'professional' experience.

She explained that the incident happened in 2020 at an unidentified 'beautiful' salon and said that when she arrived, it looked 'really clean'.

But as she was getting her nails done, she noticed that the nail technicians were not sanitising their equipment between uses.

Although she left with beautiful nails, but the next day, her nails started to 'ache', and it all went downhill from there.

You can read more about Beth's horror nail experience here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@adambirks_

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