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Woman spends £400 on clip-in veneers but ends up looking like a ‘donkey’

Woman spends £400 on clip-in veneers but ends up looking like a ‘donkey’

TikToker Amanda posted a video about her clip-in veneers that cost £400, saying she looked like a 'donkey'

A woman who spent £400 on clip-in veneers has been unable to use her extravagant purchase as they made her look like a ‘donkey’, admitting they’ve been sitting in the drawer for the past year.

Veneers may be one of the biggest beauty trends right now, but they don’t come cheap if you want them done properly.

It’s no surprise, then, that some people feel compelled to try and cut corners to save a bit of cash, whether it’s seeking cheaper dental treatment abroad or, as one TikToker did, buying a set of clip-in fake teeth.

TikToker Amanda (@plum1987) posted a video about her veneers – if that’s what you want to call ‘em - earlier this year, describing the makeover as an ‘epic fail’.

The veneers cost her £400.

"Last week we had lip saga, this week we’ve got teeth saga,” she said in the video, her mouth covering her mouth as she spoke to keep the big reveal until the end.

"I went and ordered clip in veneers and it might just be the best/worst £400 I’ve ever spent.

"Are you ready?"

Amanda then moved her hand away to reveal oversized, luminous white teeth, laughing as she moved back to show off the full look.

But they were an 'epic fail'.

"What the f**k?” she giggled.

“I look like a donkey."

Thankfully, Amanda saw the funny side of her expensive purchase, though clarified that she probably wouldn’t be telling her friends to rush out and buy any for themselves.

"Yeah, I don’t recommend them to anybody," she said.

In a caption written over the clip, Amanda added: "It was worth it for the laugh I suppose.

"Still sat in my drawer a year later."


Many other TikTokers found the video hilarious, with one saying that Amanda’s teeth were so bright they were giving them a ‘migraine’.

“I had to turn the brightness down on my phone,” someone else quipped.

Her cautionary tale served as a useful message to others – one person writing: “Now that’s just put me off a little!”

Another said: “Omg I was gonna get these a few years back glad I didn’t.”

Others also compared her experience to Ross Gellar’s in Friends, when his became scarily bright after getting them whitened.

Some people compared the look to Ross from Friends.

“Are they the ones Ross used in Friends?” one joked.

Others, meanwhile, were a little nicer – with one person even saying they thought they looked ‘good’.

Also seeing the, ahem, bright side of things, another added: “To be fair that’s what veneers look like imagine paying thousands and not being happy.”

Fair point, well made.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/plum1987

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