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Millennials Are Sharing Their #BiggestWorryInThe90s On Twitter And It's Ultra Nostalgic

Millennials Are Sharing Their #BiggestWorryInThe90s On Twitter And It's Ultra Nostalgic

From furbies coming to life to blue hair mascara never rinsing out, we had to deal with a lot in the 90s.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Millennials are recalling their biggest childhood fears while growing up in the 90s with a viral Twitter hashtag.

Tagging their posts #MyBiggestWorryInThe90s, users shared the trials and tribulations of being a teen in the 90s, and some of them are truly iconic.

From remembering to return your movie to Blockbuster before the days of Netflix, to rushing home from school to ensure you never missed an episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, all of the memories will have you feeling ultra nostalgic.

Remembering the days when you'd have to wait for your parents to get off the phone so you could go on the internet, one person reflected: "Hoping the phone line was free so I could dial-in to AOL #MyBiggestWorryInThe90s."

"That my Mom was going to get a call while I was on AOL messenger #MyBiggestWorryInThe90s," tweeted another.

Before you could take a million selfies on your phone before picking the best one, you'd also have to wait for days for your photos to be printed out at your local Boots.

"Waiting 24 to 48 hours to see my photos - hoping that they would turn out #MyBiggestWorryInThe90s," shared one.

The struggle was real when it came to listening to music when you were out and about, as where were you supposed to put a giant walkman?

Sharing a snap of their old Discman, one person exclaimed: "#MyBiggestWorryInThe90s How to fit my music in my pocket."

From Barbies to Polly Pockets, the 90s were full of iconic toys, but some still haunt us at night.

"#MyBiggestWorryInThe90s was that my sister's furby was going to murder me in my sleep," joked one 90s baby.

While another echoed: "Who would take care of my Tamogochi if I died???"

"#MyBiggestWorryInThe90s ruining a tag on a precious beanie baby," posted somebody else using the hashtag.

Others remembered beauty and fashion trends from the era.

"Which colour hair mascara to pick and can I fit another glitter filled bangle on my arm," wrote one.

Before another added: "Have I got enough butterfly clips... where is my favourite scrunchie... will this whole can of hairspray do my fringe AND my side tonight... is it high enough?!"

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