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Woman hailed genius after sharing quick and easy beans on toast hack

Woman hailed genius after sharing quick and easy beans on toast hack

One woman has split the internet with her 'genius' method for the good old beans on toast dish

The simple dish of beans on top of hot buttered toast, and even with cheese if you're feeling fancy or aren't limping along to payday, is one of those go-to comfort meals.

Yet the classic dish has had a 2024 improvement with a 'genius' but slightly strange life hack shared on TikTok, and it's also going to make the meal even quicker and easier to whip up. It's a win-win situation.

TikTok user @northernblondeabroad shared a clip of her friend cutting up her buttered toast into triangles with scissors before she adds her beans, much to her shock. She's left asking: "What is happening? This is not what everyone does!"

Captioning the clip 'when you go to your mate's house and she's living in the year 3000', she shows off the controversial hack, as her friend responds: "Because then you just need a fork. Everyone does it, I'm telling you!"

The hack has also won over other TikTok users for the unique way of preparing the classic dish, as one person wrote: "Nope. But what a brilliant idea!"

The unique hack sees the toast cut up into pieces before the beans are added.

A second agreed as they added: "Well I've never seen that."

Meanwhile, a third gave the ultimate praise as they added: "This is the best life hack!!"

A fourth wrote: "Weird… but genius."

Others labelled the hack as a 'game changer', as they commented: "My mum does it for my son. He loves it! Also. Yes to scissors on pizza. Game changer!!!"

Another TikTok viral hack, has seen a woman share a handy wine bottle tip that can help you save the quality of an opened bottle of wine.

TikTok users have praised the hack as 'genius'.

Apparently, all you need to savour the flavour is the lid from a bottle of water.

Chantelle Fen - a British content creator and TikTok star - last year uploaded the tutorial video, which has remained viral online ever since.

"I don't know who need to know this but... you can use water bottle lids on WINE BOTTLES", she wrote on the video.

And experts have since been dosing out explanations of exactly WHY water bottle lids are more efficient at preventing than the screw-top wine lid itself in scenarios where a bottle stopper isn't on hand.

Not only is it a cost-effective/free solution, some water bottle lids - particularly those from sports beverages (think Lucozade Sports lids that allowed you to aim and fire a stream of water at your classmates back in the day) - can snugly fit the neck of many wine bottles.

All you have to do is make sure your delicious bottle of red, white or rosé has been opened, and you have a water bottle with plastic screw-on lid to hand.

There you have it, wine hacks and kitchen tips for your beans on toast - win win.

Featured Image Credit: Anna Denisova/Getty Images/northernblondeabroard/TikTok

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