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Mum hits back at trolls who slammed her for dyeing her dog green like the Grinch

Mum hits back at trolls who slammed her for dyeing her dog green like the Grinch

Ashley made clear her dog is a well-loved member of the family

A mum and dog owner has hit back at people who criticised her decision to dye her dog a Grinch-like green colour in honour of the festive season.

You've seen dogs with antlers and Christmas jumpers, but Ashley Spielmann, from Chicago, took things to a whole new level when she took her pooch to the groomers and requested that he be dyed red and green.

She took to social media to share a video of the result, showing the usually white Miniature Schnauzer, Rizzo, looking like the Grinch with a green face and paws, and a red chest with a white trim.

Commenting on what led to the dramatic makeover, Ashley said: "We love Christmas in our house and I knew with his white fur our groomer would be able to colour him fine.

"Shnauzers tend to have grumpy-looking faces anyway so I thought he would be the perfect Grinch. I was so excited when I saw him coming out of the groomers.

"She sent pictures during the process and after when he was all blow-dried and I loved it immediately, which I knew I would."

Ashley admitted that her children and husband initially thought Rizzo looked 'silly', but that his new look has now grown on them.

Rizzo usually has white fur.
Kennedy News and Media

"When I take him out on a walk people go crazy for his fur. I took him to Starbucks the day after and people in the line were taking pictures of him," she said.

The reception online wasn't quite so positive, though, as after sharing images of Rizzo, Ashley was met with backlash from people accusing her of being cruel towards the pup and claiming he looked 'sad' in the images.

Ashley explained: "Some people online have lost their minds over it and said it's animal cruelty. When I posted [the video of him with dyed fur], I did not think it would get the reaction it did as far as how many people have felt the need to comment, but also I'm not surprised.

"We're in this day and age where everybody has to comment on everything - good or bad."

Ashley has made clear Rizzo is well loved.
Kennedy News and Media

The mum has defended herself against the trolls, pointing out the groomer used dog-friendly dye and that Rizzo was 'loving all the extra attention he was getting' while undergoing the treatment.

She said: "People are basing their judgements on a ten-second clip. It's just crazy to me that people get so upset and mad about something they don't even really know.

"He's a pretty happy-go-lucky soul so when people are commenting on how sad he looks, I'm just like 'that's just the breed'."

Knowing that Rizzo is a well-loved and cared-for member of the family, Ashley is now ignoring the haters and looking forward to Christmas - though she is a little concerned that Rizzo might steal the presents now he's their own little Grinch.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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