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People are praising assistance dog who alerts owner to fainting episode while out shopping

People are praising assistance dog who alerts owner to fainting episode while out shopping

Loki is the best boy.

People are blown away after watching how a service dog named Loki alerted his owner to a fainting episode and helped her get to a safe place in time.

Jessica Ball uses German Shepherd Loki as a service dog to help warn her when her blood pressure is about to drop, whether she's in the comfort of her home or out and about.

While she was out shopping in B&M, Loki alerted Jessica that she was about to faint.

Even though she felt fine at the time, she took Loki's warning seriously, and got to a quiet place before she lost consciousness.

"So I try to find somewhere out of the way and quiet in the store all while Loki is still alerting", Jessica wrote.

"I find a quiet corner of the shop and sit down so Loki can do deep pressure therapy over my legs.

"I suddenly feel the wave of weakness and dizziness hit me then I black out for a few seconds."

After recovering from her fainting episode, Jessica picked up her video where she left off, filming Loki's concerned face and writing: "Then wake up to this."

She continued: "I was eventually able to feel well enough to stand up, finish my shopping and go home. If I didn't have my assistance dog Loki with me this scenario would have ended very differently."

Jessica was happy to let everyone know that, after the episode, she and Loki made it home safely.

People were mind-blown by Loki's intelligence and took to the comments to praise the clever pup.

"It's outstanding how they know", wrote one viewer. "I know its due to training but it amazes me what they can do.. Lucky you are special."


A second raved: "I find it absolutely fascinating that they know! that they can sense when it's going to happen! such a good boy! hopefully he got many treats."

"Wow that is amazing" commented a third. "I have never seen an assistant dog at work. It really works. I have a new respect for these animals. Thanks for sharing."

For those wondering, Jessica explained that Loki is trained through scent to detect chemical imbalances in her body before a medical episode occurs.

When concerned viewers asked why no one from the B&M store came to help her, Jessica shared: "No staff members came to check or ask as this store the staff know me and know its a regular occurrence for me and they know my assistance dog is there to help me."

And when others wondered if they should do anything to help should they ever see a situation like Jessica's go down in public, she replied: "Luckily my assistance dog does everything I need but if you are concerned the best thing to do is to keep a respectable distance away and ask in a nice calm clear way if we need any assistance."

What a good, talented boy Loki is.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@zorroandloki2

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