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Woman Makes £100 An Hour Watching Love Island

Woman Makes £100 An Hour Watching Love Island

Talk about the dream job!

A woman has been making £100 an hour to watch this year's season of Love Island while we've been watching it for free this whole time like chumps!

Jeweller Sharon Jordan put her name forward for the position when she saw the Secret Linen Store were looking for a relaxation researcher.

And after reading the job description for ourselves, we're wishing we had signed up for it too. This really is a dream role!

When the ben linen store advertised for the job back in June, the description read: "Secret Linen Store advertised the job back in June: The successful applicant will need to commit to completing the five ‘relaxation tasks’ over the course of a month, from watching TV to doing your skincare routine, to find out what helps people to relax the most."

One woman is getting paid big money to watch Love Island.

The company provided Sharon with their nightwear and a bedding set as part of the role.

The advert continued: "On completion of the tasks, you will then need to answer a simple survey at the end of the month, sharing which tasks you found the most relaxing, and which tasks resulted in a better night’s sleep."

Requirements for the role included:

  • Watching the latest episode of Love Island.
  • Completing a minimum of three step skincare routine and taking a calming bath or shower.
  • Listening to three different podcasts, including true crime, comedy, and news.
  • Cosying up with a book and a cup of tea.
  • Using Spotify or YouTube to complete a meditation exercise or yoga class.

Any chance they're hiring again anytime soon?

The job requires Sharon to watch an hour of Love Island each night.

Speaking about role thus far, Sharon told The Mirror that it was 'the perfect job' since she's already a 'big Love Island fan'.

She said: "I love people watching, I find people fascinating - but the best thing about it is Casa Amor, just because it gets people to test their relationships.

"I found last night's quite relaxing and I slept really well, but there were arguments so that wasn't as relaxing as it could have been. It depends on which episode I'm watching."

We can think of plenty people who would have smashed this job.

After watching her nightly episode of Love Island and taking part in the rest of her sleep routine, Sharon simply fills in her questionnaire for the Secret Linen Store, and is sent £300 for her night's work.

"A Love Island episode is an hour, the bath routine is about an hour, then the podcasts and reading the book, I would imagine it will be about five or six hours work, that's about £100 an hour - it's not bad, is it?"

Not bad at all! We're so happy for her and not at all jealous! Swear!

Featured Image Credit: Minerva Studi /Alamy Stock Photo/ITV

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