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Viewers are calling 'seriously underrated' thriller 'the best movie on Netflix'

Viewers are calling 'seriously underrated' thriller 'the best movie on Netflix'

The thriller arrived years ago but is still catching people's attention

It's easy for content to get lost amid the hundreds of titles available on Netflix, but users can't stop raving about one 'underrated' thriller that arrived on the streaming platform a few years ago.

What Happened To Monday first dropped on Netflix in 2017, and while we've had all sorts of fresh content to distract us and keep us entertained since then, viewers have made clear it's worth digging back through the archives to give it a watch.

Take a look at the trailer below:

The film stars Noomi Rapace in seven different roles, playing a set of identical septuplets living in a world where families are limited to one child each due to overpopulation.

In order to avoid being put into a 'long sleep' by the government, the group must deceive everyone with their identities while also investigating the disappearance of one of the siblings, who are named by their grandfather after each day of the week.

Each sister is only allowed to go outside on the day of the week they are named after, but on the outside world they all have to share one identity.

Noomi Rapace described the role as the toughest thing she'd ever done.

Willem Dafoe stars in the film as the grandfather, with Glenn Close and Marwan Kenzari also appearing in the thriller. Despite a middling rating of 59 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, What Happened To Monday has been highly praised by Netflix users.

"Yeah even after all these years What Happened To Monday still does it for me," one fan wrote on Twitter, adding: "Netflix must have heard they were getting shut down or something that day for them to make a film like that.

"Its only a few times in this life they would come through with a good film like that."

Another Netflix user commented, "What Happened to Monday on Netflix. This movie is seriously underrated," while a third wrote: "What Happened to Monday is still one of Netflix best movies they’ve produced!!"

Rapace previously told Heat Vision that playing seven different roles in the film was 'definitely the hardest thing' she's ever done, adding: "It was different versions of me, just more extreme. It was very intense. I never worked so hard."

The actor recalled sticking to a 'strict' routine, including getting up at four in the morning to work out before shooting the film all day, then going to the gym again before falling asleep.

"I didn’t have a life," she said. "It was five months of my life when seven sisters were living with me and took over everything. I didn’t exist.”

At least Rapace's hard work seems to have paid off in the praise the film has received!

What Happened To Monday is streaming on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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