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Trigger Point Fans Say They're 'Stressed Out' By Lana's Approach To Bomb Scenes

Trigger Point Fans Say They're 'Stressed Out' By Lana's Approach To Bomb Scenes

We can’t watch.

We’ve been hooked on Trigger Point, the major ITV drama from the team behind Line of Duty, since it dropped a week ago.

The series follows bomb disposal operative Lana Washington, played by Vicky McClure, who finds herself pushed to breaking point as she finds herself struggling to diffuse a number of bombs as part of an orchestrated terrorist attack against London.

But Lana’s style of bomb defusal is leaving fans on edge.

Did you spot it? You can watch a clip below.

It seems that the closer Lana gets to the bomb, the less protective clothing she’s willing to wear, stripping off her helmet and goggles.

Taking to Twitter, those viewing the series can’t help but feel on edge when watching Lana do her important work.

“My stress levels during this show,” one person wrote, adding a meme for good measure.

“Watching #TriggerPoint and I am STRESSED!” said a second.

Fans found Lana taking off her helmet stressful (

“Why does she always take her helmet off?” asked a third, curious fan.

A fourth viewer wisecracked: “Ugh, just about to do something dangerous.. Time to take off my helmet and goggles..."

And a fifth said: “I am just going to spend every Sunday evening imploring Lana to wear her helmet aren’t I?”

However, there’s a very good reason why Lana decides to derobe near the bombs.

Others found it distracted them from the drama (

With former bomb disposal experts on set to advise the drama, helmets and goggles are removed in order not to be a distraction.

Speaking to Digital Spy, McClure added: “The fact is that if the explosion did go off, that little helmet is not going to help so it's best that it's taken away.”

She added on This Morning: "We had two expos on set with us at all times [called] Joel and Paul.

"There's this talk of the long walk, which is going from where you are to the device and how that must feel knowing that there is the potential for death at any point, and you just can't really get your head around it.

There is a good reason why the helmet comes off (

“There's only so much that I can really understand that fear from a mental and a physical and a professional capacity. 

“Having their expertise was exactly what we needed to try and put that into the show."

Trigger Point continues Sundays at 9pm on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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