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The Trailer For Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Is Finally Here

The Trailer For Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Is Finally Here

We will FINALLY know who is in the car.

Sweet Magnolia fans will be ecstatic to know that Netflix has finally dropped the trailer for season two - two years after the first season aired.

The wholesome Netflix drama ended on a huge cliffhanger ending with a car crash involving three main characters, as well as Cal and Maddie splitting up. But finally we have answers,

Watch the trailer here:

The trailer has only just aired but already it gives plenty of clues to what will happen in the new series, which is set to air on Friday 4th February.

Eagle eyed fans will have spotted that Coach Cal and Maddie are "back on track", meaning we can forget about the argument at the end of the last season where we feared the worst for the cute couple.

It's not just romance on the cards for them either, Chef Erik and Helen's sizzling chemistry is finally coming to a head - which after much heartbreak for lawyer Helen, viewers will be rooting for.

Dana Sue isn't to be left out of the romantic storylines either, as she has both Ronnie and estranged husband Jeremy fighting for her attention. Not a bad place to be...

The girls are back together! (

Fans will also be clamouring to know exactly WHO was driving the car that crashed in the cliffhanger ending at the end of season one.

Eagle eyes will have spotted Maddie chastising youngest son Kyle who is sporting some pretty nasty injuries. She can be heard asking, "why did you take your brother's car?"

So we finally know who was behind the steering wheel of Ty's car as poor Kyle seems to have taken the steering wheel.

It appears that Kyle and big brother Ty are ok, and so is Annie who also joined them in the car.

Coach Cal and Maddie are back on track. Phew. (

Characters that aren't as mainstream appear to be coming to the forefront too in the latest season.

Mama to be Noreen gives birth to her baby with Maddie's ex-husband Bill, who we saw her leaving in a dramatic exit last season. Doctor Bill was also keen to get Maddie back, even asking her to try again - which we are glad she has managed to avoid.

Even lost chef Isaac appears to be getting somewhere on his search for his birth parents. He previously thought Dana Sue could be his mother, but it appears the search continues.

Season Two of Sweet Magnolias will air on Netflix from Friday 4th February.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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