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This Is Going To Hurt Creator Says Don't Watch It If You're Pregnant

This Is Going To Hurt Creator Says Don't Watch It If You're Pregnant

The BBC series may be a difficult watch if you’re expecting.

We’ve been blown away by BBC One’s new series, This Is Going To Hurt, based on Adam Kay’s 2017 diary of the same.

The series, which is available in full on BBC iPlayer, follows obstetrics and gynaecology doctor Adam as he works his way up the hospital hierarchy.

However, people have been blindsided by the graphic depiction of birth and surgery, with This Is Going To Hurt not shying away from difficult and sometimes upsetting moments.

Ben Whishaw plays Adam in the series (

After one journalist described watching the series as ‘the highlight of their week’ while they suffered from covid, another person asked whether it would be appropriate for her to tune in.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: “I so want to watch but as a pregnant woman wondering if it's one to save until... after the birth?”

And Adam gave a very honest response about whether those expecting should watch.

“Definitely a postnatal show!” he said, before wishing the woman well. “Hope pregnancy going smoothly!”

Adam didn't recommend the show for pregnant women (

The first episode of This Is Going To Hurt aired on BBC One last week, and viewers were gripped to the raw and emotional scenes.

In one tense moment, Adam can be seen performing a c-section to deliver a baby at 25 weeks. Viewers were taken aback at the very graphic scene, which showed the doctor delivering a tiny baby, before complications and severe blood loss arise.

Following the scene airing, one person wrote on Twitter: "@amateuradam As someone who had a pretty traumatic emergency caesarean with their first baby #ThisIsGoingToHurt was a hard watch in places but, the deadpan humour aside (as opposed to bedpan humour), that feels like the point of it. And you and everyone involved smashed it."

The series does include graphic surgery scenes (

While another said: "Sublime TV - what an emotional roller coaster @amateuradam #ThisIsGoingToHurt.

"A tough watch for me & hubby though - I lost half my blood volume with emergency c section - now I know what it looks like and why he was so worried about me."

You can read more about the show here.

This Is Going To Hurt airs on BBC One on Tuesdays at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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