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The Stranger: Fans Spot Major Plot Hole Between Adam and Corrine

The Stranger: Fans Spot Major Plot Hole Between Adam and Corrine

We’re scratching our heads at this one.

**WARNING! Major spoilers for The Stranger**

We adored Stay Close when it hit Netflix earlier this month, bingeing the entire season in just one sitting (and we regret nothing).

Having been the most watched series on the streaming platform in the UK, it seems people have torn through Stay Close as quickly as we did – and are now watching the other adaptations of Harlan Coben’s work.

Yep, it seems we’re all rewatching The Stranger – and just how weird that series was.

You can watch the trailer below. 

For those of us that need a reminder, the mini series centred on the life of Adam Price (Richard Armitage) and his picture perfect family setup. But, when an unknown stranger reveals that his missing wife may have been keeping a dark secret from him, Adam goes on an obsessive quest to discover the truth.

‘The Stranger’ in question, Chrissy, teased that Adam’s children may not be his after all, particularly as he finds out that Corrine had been faking a pregnancy all along.

Adam was left wondering if his sons were really his (

After discovering his wife’s tissue of lies, he decides to purchase a DNA test to test whether his sons are really his sons.

But in the end, Adam never takes the test – which left some viewers baffled as to why he just decided to take his wife’s word for it, especially as we discover she’s a liar.

While the DNA test is not used, some viewers have some theories about who is the real father of Corrine’s children.

The Stranger makes Adam think (

Taking to the Reddit thread, r/thestranger, one Redditor theorised: “The Stranger said to check if the boys were really Adam's. I was thinking at the end that Corrine was having an affair with Adam's dad.

“Hence her saying ‘Of course they're yours, they have your nose’ or something.

“I still wonder why they did that, though this show loves a plot hole so I guess it's not that odd.”

Others agreed with the theory, with another writing: “They were hinting so heavily that Adam's dad had banged Corinne that I thought it was too obvious. The comment you mentioned, plus all his affairs, plus him talking about how Corinne updates him frequently on the boys.”

Hmmm…we need another rewatch!

The Stranger is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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