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The Sinner Viewers Have Picked Out A Major Plot Hole In Season Four

The Sinner Viewers Have Picked Out A Major Plot Hole In Season Four

A lot of drama could have been avoided.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead for The Sinner season four.

Fans of Netflix thriller series The Sinner have noticed a major plot hole after binge-watching the show's fourth and final season.

The new season dropped on Netflix just last week - almost two full years after season three concluded - and viewers were ecstatic to see Detective Harry Ambrose’s (Bill Pullman) solve one final case.

You can watch the trailer for season four here:

Hoping to get away from the madness he left behind in season three, Detective Ambrose heads down to a small village in Maine, only to find himself smack-bang in the middle of another mystery.

Convinced he's witnessed a young woman named Percy Muldoon fall to her death, Detective Ambrose has the odds stacked against him when no one believes him. Now at the centre of a missing person's case, and haunted by the ghost of Percy Muldoon, Harry puts his skills to work to find out what really happened to her.

Again... Major spoilers ahead!

There are plenty of suspects, from Brandon (Percy's ex-boyfriend) to the Lam family (the Muldoon family's rival fishmonger company), but in the end it turns out that Percy chose to end her own life.

Detective Ambrose is back. (
Netflix/USA Network)

In the season finale, fans learned that, two years earlier, Percy shot and accidentally killed Bo Lam - the eldest son of the Lam family - while trying to break up a fight between him and her father Sean Muldoon.

After the Muldoon family paid off the Lam family to keep the murder quiet, Percy was eventually so riddled with guilt that she decided to take her own life - thus concluding the missing person's case.

But viewers have one problem with that conclusion.

Taking to Reddit to discuss the shooting one confused viewer asked: "So instead of simply pushing Bo off Sean, Percy takes the time to enter the boat cabin, open the gun case, retrieve the gun, and point it at someone whose back was turned, expecting him to what? Sense the gun aimed at him? A simple shove would've avoided this entire season."

Others agreed that Percy's fight-or-flight response left a lot to be desired.

Viewers are convinced the Percy's death could have been avoided. (
Netflix/USA Network)

One Redditor wrote: "You're right, it was really stupid. I was thinking why doesn't she walk in front of him so he can see the gun or yell that she's got a gun or fire a warning shot."

Another added: "Yea agree, that didn't made any sense. Would have [made] sense if Bo was attacking with a knife or different weapon."

One thing's for sure; Detective Ambrose definitely chose the wrong quiet little village to walk into.

Season 4 of The Sinner is available to watch now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/USA Network

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