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BBC The Nilsen Files: Viewers Left 'Horrified' By Harrowing Details of Murders

BBC The Nilsen Files: Viewers Left 'Horrified' By Harrowing Details of Murders

Dennis Nilsen’s numerous crimes have been explored in a new documentary.

The ITV drama series Des, which detailed the horrifying crimes of prolific British serial killer Dennis Nilsen, sparked a renewed interest in the case.

Now, the BBC have aired a the first episode of a three-part documentary observing Nilsen’s victims, titled The Nilsen Files.

A summary of the series reads: “Michael Ogden re-examines the case of Dennis Nilsen, convicted in 1983 for the murders of six young men and boys.

Dennis Nilsen arriving at Highgate Magistrates Court in 1983 (

“Focusing on the lives of the victims, he asks why they remain just a footnote 40 years on, exploring not just who they were, but also how homophobic attitudes at the time allowed their disappearance and murders to be overlooked.”

And those who watched the first part of the documentary have been left ‘horrified’ at the case and the treatment of those who died in Nilsen’s clutches.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “The treatment of gay men in the early 80’s though, by the whole of society … shocking. Just awful.”

Dennis Nilsen is one of Britain's most infamous killers (

“That was both mesmerising and equally horrifying the portrayal of life for the vulnerable homeless boys and men that Nilsen horribly murdered,” commented a second. “A snapshot of Thatcher’s cruel Britain in the 80s.”

Viewers found the show to be 'horrific' (

“The Nilsen Files: three-parter on @BBCTwo is a horrifying story,” said a third. “A serial killer who murdered at least 16 young men & police who regarded them as expendable writing off young vulnerable, homeless & gay men. A time of widespread prejudice and homophobia.”

People found it a hard watch (

“The Nilsen files on BBC2: horrific very grim,” said a fourth.

“Not sure if I can bear to watch the Nilsen Files. Want to, but it will make me angry,” said a fifth.

The Nilsen Files is available to watch in its entirety on BBC iPlayer. Des is available to watch on BritBox and the ITV Hub.

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