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The Dog House Viewers Left In Tears Over Border Collie Margot's Story

The Dog House Viewers Left In Tears Over Border Collie Margot's Story

We are sobbing.

The Dog House viewers were left in tears this week at the story of Margot - a beautiful border collie whose owner was forced to give her up due to her 'obsessive' behaviours.

The Channel 4 show works closely with Wood Green, an animal charity in Cambridgeshire, and follows the team as they work to match rescue dogs with their new owners.

Viewers were particularly emotional during Thursday evening's episode after watching Margot's former owner drop her off at the charity, breaking down in tears as she said goodbye to the collie.

You can watch the clip below:

Three-year-old Margot arrived at Wood Green with obsessive behaviours, including light and shadow chasing. Most shadows could set her off, whether it the reflection of a watch or the shadow of a tree branch.

Unfortunately, Margot's owner was unable to handle her behaviour and so when she arrived at the charity, the team worked with training specialists to improve her behaviour.

"Margot came on leaps and bounds and we were so impressed by the incredible progress she had made," said Wood Green.

"Now she was a much happier and calmer dog, it was time for our rehoming team to begin their search for the perfect new owner."

Margot arrived at Wood Green with obsessive behaviours (
Channel 4)

During the emotional episode, viewers met Katherine and Mark, who were able to give Margot her 'furever' home.

“Margot could not be doing any better or be more of a delight. She has come on leaps and bounds since we got her; the shadow chasing has reduced," said Mark.

"Margot loves playing ball and getting her belly scratched. She needed a ton of love and a safe home to relax into, and we wouldn't change a single thing about her.”

Katherine and Mark say Margot's behaviour has improved (
Channel 4)

Viewers were so emotional over Margot's story, with one person tweeting: "#TheDogHouse What a nice couple. Really hope this works out. Tears inbound...either way 😭😭."

While another said: "#TheDogHouse just cried watching the lovely couple who adopted Margot."

And a third added: "Seeing Margot with her new humans just made me tear up so much."

You can catch up on The Dog House over on All4 now.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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