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The Apprentice Viewers Are Baffled By Company's Bizarre Logo

The Apprentice Viewers Are Baffled By Company's Bizarre Logo

Lord Sugar said the logo resembled a 'turd'.

The Apprentice splashed back onto our screens after two years away with a cruise ship challenge and one detail left viewers feeling seasick.

Just like previous series, the boys and the girls were split into two teams and asked to create a brand campaign for a new cruise ship experience.

The boys unfortunately lost the first challenge largely due to their rather odd logo which Lord Sugar said looked like a ‘turd’.

Watch the clip below:

Viewers on Twitter were in agreement. One fan shared a picture of the logo and wrote: "I’m so finished this logo is KILLING me."

Another viewer tweeted: "A logo with a turd in it."


A third added: "Worst logo ever produced??"

Someone else chipped in, writing: "When you see this logo don't be alarmed. I would be if I saw something that looks like a sick being spewed across the page."

The logo also garnered some hilarious comparisons, with one Twitter user remarking: "This logo looks like someone throwing up while doing yoga."


Digital marketing agency owner Akshay Thakrar was the project manager and entrusted Harry Mahmood and Akeem Bundu Kamara to create the logo for their well-being themed brand Seaquility. 

But the boys team were left in complete and utter shock after the logo was unveiled. Inspired by a yoga pose and a wave, the ghastly green and brown colours drew comparisons to ‘projectile vomit’. 


Harry, who was strongly opposed to the logo's design, told Akeem: “I’m very disappointed with this logo, it does not scream luxury.”

Lord Sugar also criticised the team for not including the brand’s name with the logo when the teams were grilled in the boardroom and dubbed it the ‘worst logo I’ve ever seen.'

The boys tried and failed to defend their logo (

Candidate Navid Sole tried to justify the unforgivable design and said: I know it’s a bit of a weird logo, but whenever something is weird, people remember.”

Despite his best efforts to dock the now infamous design, Harry was the first candidate to be fired.

This is a cruise we'll be avoiding.

The Apprentice continues Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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