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Teen mum says boyfriend told her she'd 'ruined his life' after having baby at 16

Teen mum says boyfriend told her she'd 'ruined his life' after having baby at 16

A teen mother says her boyfriend told her she ruined his life after telling him she was pregnant

A teenage mother who gave birth at 16 says her boyfriend accused her of having 'ruined his life' after she told him she was pregnant.

The new series of Teen Mom UK: Next Generation is starting and will follow the progress made by five teenage mothers as they navigate the trials and tribulations of parenting.

One of the mums on the show is 18-year-old Ellie, who had two-year-old son Tommy with boyfriend Luke when she was 16.

The show introduced us to some developing drama between the couple as they grappled with their situation.

On the show, she said her teenage pregnancy had come as a surprise as she was on contraception at the time and still in school, meaning she had 'no money and no job'.

Teen mum Ellie said boyfriend Luke told her she 'ruined my life'.
Teen Mom UK/YouTube/Paramount+

Ellie also said her 'first and only boyfriend' Luke had struggled to cope with the news, telling her 'you've ruined my life' though he has stayed with her.

She said: "Tommy is already two-years-old, it’s crazy to think I met his dad Luke when we were 14. We were just a couple of shy kids.

"Two years later, everything changed, when I found out I was pregnant, I was already six-months-gone, three months later, Tommy was born. For me, it was the best feeling in the world, but I think Luke feels like he’s missing out on his teenage years.

"He wasn't happy. Luke was like 'you’ve ruined my life'. To him, I ruined everything. He was a good boy for sticking with me, he didn’t have to."

Luke said the news that he was going to be a father was a 'big shock to the system' and he admitted he 'wasn't ready to be a dad'.

Ellie and Luke are on Teen Mom UK: Next Generation.
Teen Mom UK/YouTube/Paramount +

He said he 'found it really hard to give up the nights out with my friends' and their relationship together still has disagreements, with the couple 'reaching breaking point' two years after son Tommy was born.

Ellie said she believes her boyfriend 'expects me to do all the parenting' and claimed 'he thinks all I do is sit around' while he's out working as a decorator to earn money for the family.

The couple said their 'little arguments can't keep happening', with Ellie admitting that sometimes she 'felt like packing all my stuff and going' but said she can't as 'that's not life'.

She acknowledged that they were both tired but it 'makes me so angry when he acts like my life is easy'.

Teen Mom UK is available to watch on MTVUK and Paramount+ UK.

Featured Image Credit: Teen Mom UK/YouTube/Paramount +

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