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Stranger Things Fans Are Convinced Will Has A 'Bigger Purpose' To Play In Series

Stranger Things Fans Are Convinced Will Has A 'Bigger Purpose' To Play In Series

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**Warning: This article contains major Stranger Things spoilers**

Stranger Things fans are convinced that Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) could have a 'bigger purpose' in the series.

The Netflix show has just released the season four finale, and fans can't stop discussing theories about the explosive instalment.

One has taken to Reddit explaining they believe there is 'more to be told' about Will's relationship with Vecna.

Taking to Reddit, they wrote: "I believe there is still more to be told about Will’s connection to Vecna. When Will was kidnapped in episode 1, there are so many signing pointing to him being kidnapped by Vecna.

"There are the clock chimes we hear when Will falls off his bike. We see the lock open from the outside telekinetically (demogorgans can’t do that). And when a gate was opened into the upside down from the shed, the light in the shed became extremely bright.

"I’m also convinced that Vecna followed Will from Mike’s house in that first episode. The garage lights slightly flicker right after Will says bye to Mike, indicating that Vecna was there.

"I also believe there is a parallel between Will being a wizard in DnD and Vecna/Eleven being 'wizards' in real life. And the way Will has been drawing the Mind Flayer exactly mirrors how Henry drew the Mind Flayer.

"Will survived being in the upside down because Vecna wanted him to. He is still connected to Vecna for a reason and I think we are still waiting to find out what that connection is and why."

Fans are convinced that Will could have a 'bigger purpose' in the series.

And other fans agreed, with one person suggesting: "Will is Vecna's horcrux."

"Support this 100%. Even if the physical form of Vecna is eradicated some way, he can rise through Will once again," said another.

And a third added: "As long as that connection doesn't imply 'sacrificing himself' or dying, I'm all for it.

"Maybe VH1 sees himself in Will, or maybe Will also has powers (or got powers from his first abduction by VH1)."

What do you think?

Max has been tormented by Vecna in season four of Stranger Things.

In other Stranger Things news, fans have a new theory about the fate of Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) after the explosive season four finale.

Viewers will know that the character has had a tough time of late, having been plagued by the big, bad Vecna.

Things came to a head in the final episode as the Hawkins crew plotted to take down the antagonist by baiting him with Max.

However, things didn't quite go to plan and she was only saved from his clutches right at the last moment, leaving her with broken bones and sight loss, and she's now in a coma.

Although it hasn't been confirmed whether or not she'll return in the fifth and final season of the show, fans reckon she'll be back after spotting a clue.

You can read more on that here.

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