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Stay Close Fans Brand Michael Broome 'Worst Detective Ever'

Stay Close Fans Brand Michael Broome 'Worst Detective Ever'

"He's always on his phone".

Netflix's mystery drama series Stay Close has gripped viewers since it debuted last month, but one character people can't seem to get over is DS Michael Broome.

The series, which is adapted from Harlan Coben's novel of the same name, follows mum-of-three Megan (Cush Jumbo) whose life turns upside down when her past life is uncovered.

Megan once was a dancer at Vipers strip club where she was known as Cassie. She left her past behind after finding her stalker and abuser Stewart Green (Rod Hunt) dead.

Michael Broome (James Nesbitt) agrees to protect Megan as her past comes back to haunt her when her stalker, who was presumed dead, is said to be alive. The frightening news is spilled by Megan's old colleague Lorraine (Sarah Parish) who mysteriously comes back into her life.

Michael Broome answering his phone for the very first time (

The detective has also been tracking Stewart’s cold murder case and believes that his disappearance is linked to other cases in the area involving missing men. 

As the series follows his investigation, viewers at home have dubbed Broome the worst detective ever, for missing phone calls from Megan because he’s too busy sleeping with women in the town. This includes Vipers owner Lorraine and the wife of one of the missing men.

Is there poor signal in the unnamed English town where the series is set? Is Michael trying to reduce his screen time? Fans want answers.

Posting on Reddit, one viewer called out Michael for his poor detective work. "DS Broome is the worst f*cking Detective I have ever seen," they ranted.

"Multiple murders going on and he promises to protect someone. And then he just never picks up his fucking phone. Almost every death could be avoided if he just answered his phone.

Michael agrees to protect Megan (

And then he has the nerve to just constantly be smug about it and accuse Megan of everything. Not even one 'my bad I should've picked up but I was getting some a**'.

One response pointed out Michael's failings in his investigation into Carlton's death. They said: "After he figures out Kayleigh is one of the last people to see Carlton, he neglects to question her friend who was with her the whole time face palm."

Fans on Twitter also called out Michael for being a bad detective, with many tweeting about him not picking up the phone.

"DS Michael Broome is horrible at his job #StayClose," said one fan.


Another Twitter user tweeted: "Let’s talk about how for a whole detective DS Michael Broome NEVER answers his f***ing phone. #StayClose."

A third said: "BROOME need to learn to answer his goddamn phone. #StayClose."

While a fourth viewer quipped: "Never seen a detective miss so much calls like Broome #StayClose."

One viewer told Michael to do his job. "I've never seen a more incompetent detective than Broome. Every time someone called him for [something] important man's phone went straight to [voice mail because] he was sleeping w/someone. I didn't feel bad for him at all. maybe if you did ur job you wouldn't have been shocked!"

Note to self - don't text Michael Broome in a crisis.

Stay Close is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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