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Stay Close Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About Cassie's 'Disappearance'

Stay Close Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About Cassie's 'Disappearance'

Make it make sense.

**Warning! Spoilers for Stay Close below**

If you haven’t watched Stay Close on Netflix (where have you been?), the hit drama has proved hugely popular with viewers.

Still riding high at the top of the Netflix most watched charts in the UK, the series follows Megan – a mum of three with a mysterious past that comes back to haunt her when her old ‘friend’ Lorraine finds her.

It transpires that Megan’s real identity is Cassie, who once worked as a dancer at seedy strip club Vipers – and was forced to flee her old life after she found a jealous ex, who had previously stalked her, dead in a nightclub.

But some fans have been left wondering why Carrie/Megan escaped further afield, as it’s clear she’s not too far from her old life.

It seems she’s barely an hour’s drive away from Vipers, as the series regularly sees her, and other characters just nipping over to the nightclub where all the action happens.

Vipers is the centre of the action (

And Megan’s ‘changed’ appearance didn’t amount to much further than taking off her wig and becoming ‘unrecognisable’, Hannah Montana-style.

Taking to the Reddit r/television thread, fans discussed the weird discrepancy in the series.

[Stay Close] was ok, but who the f**k changes identity and stays in the same city?” one person bluntly mused.

“She ran away to start a new life, about 30-45 minutes away. All roads leads to Vipers,” wisecracked a second.

Megan/Cassie was easily found (

“Why the hell did Cassie stay so close to where she ran away from if she wanted to start a new life?” a third asked, while a fourth said: “Cassie moving around the corner and no one from her past seeing her for 17 years?”

“If I'm fleeing from my old life I'm moving at least to another state - if not leaving the country,” a fifth agreed. “Seems like everybody in this story only lived 20 minutes away.”

No wonder Lorraine found Cassie so quickly (

That's not the only thing that left Stay Close fans baffled, with other people asking just where the series is meant to be set.

You can read more about that here.

Stay Close is available to view on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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