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People Are Debating The Correct Way To Shower

People Are Debating The Correct Way To Shower

I'm a Celeb fans are debating the correct way to shower after Wednesday night's episode.

On I'm A Celebrity, Louise Minchin and Danny Miller completed a Castle Coin challenge where they had to

But the topic of the question from Kiosk Cledwyn has people debating about the correct way to shower.

Watch the clip of the survey question below:

The question for the celebrities when Louise and Danny made it to Kiosk Cledwyn was: "According to a recent survey, what percentage of Brits said that they face towards the shower when washing? A. 44 per cent B. 62 per cent".

The question had the viewers at home absolutely boggled by how anyone else could shower differently to them.

One person took to Twitter to share: "I’m more confused about the shower thing on I’m a celeb? People actually have certain way they face? How do you wash your back/ front? I’m there switching sides every 2.3 seconds??? I’m BAFFLED".

The question from Kiosk Cledwyn had viewers at home ready for a debate (

"I literally always shower facing the water... clearly I've been showering alone too much", tweeted another frequent bather.

In response to this Twitter user, someone said: "Well your [sic.] not the only one lol lots do, it was a poll last night on I’m a celeb I think 43 per cent of the UK also shower towards the water, when I heard it I was like what??? Who showers facing the water".

Viewers were truly blown away by the survey: "I don’t get how you can’t face the shower? How are you washing your front and face if you’re not facing the water?"

Twitter was going wild with people pitching in how they choose to bathe themselves (

"The people who shower facing the water.. do you not get an obscene amount of water in your face? How do you breathe properly? Most bizarre #ImACeleb", tweeted yet another contributor in the shower debate.

There were also people who didn't understand how others were not switching up their technique: "Again, WHO are these people who are ONLY either facing the water or facing away when showering? Surely the norm is to do both throughout the shower???"

Some people were more confused at how others don't change up their shower tactic along the way (

The celebrities got their answer wrong, guessing that 62 per cent faced towards the shower when it was actually 44 per cent. This meant Kiosk Cledwyn had to pull down his "AR GAU CLOSED" shutters on Louise and Danny.

So, what's your vote? Do you face towards or away from the shower?

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