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No Return Viewers Left Confused By Filming Location Mix-Up

No Return Viewers Left Confused By Filming Location Mix-Up

Did you spot this?

Sheridan Smith's latest drama, No Return dropped on ITV earlier this month, and while fans have been left gripped to the new series, some spotted a 'blunder' with the filming location.

The drama follows Kathy Powell (played by Sheridan Smith) and her family who are on holiday in Turkey. But viewers were adamant there had been a mistake with the filming location.

One person wrote on Twitter: "What’s the point of it being set in Turkey but then filming it in Spain literally makes no sense #noreturn."

While another said: "Don’t kid [us] this ain’t Turkey this is clearly Spain! #NoReturn."

And a third added: "Why didn't they just set it in Spain because Turkey certainly doesn't look like that #NoReturn."

Meanwhile a fourth person claimed: "Fun fact, this was not filmed in turkey, not entirely, it was filmed in Nerja Spain, as we saw filming going on while there last September :) looked good though #noreturn."

Due to the pandemic, ITV explained that filming in Turkey was problematic.

“It would have been too complicated to shoot in Turkey, including the problems of the pandemic," said series creator, writer and executive producer, Danny Brocklehurst.

"The area of Spain we have chosen looks like Turkey anyway. All you need to do is change the signage. Including an exterior prison location near Malaga. With hotel and prison sets built in Manchester. It looks amazing.”

People are convinced the show is filmed in Spain (

Episode one of the series begins with Kathy's 16-year-old son Noah being arrested in the middle of the night, after being accused of sexually assaulting another boy at a party.

Sheridan has since described the show as "four hours of high intense drama" - and the first episode certainly had viewers gripped.

Speaking to Radio Times she said: "It’s ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. And Kathy is an amazing lead role. I was just instantly like, ‘Wow’, and was very honoured to be asked.

"She’s a great character. Fiercely loyal; fiercely protective, and someone I could relate to. I instantly thought this has never been done. I’ve never read anything like this before. And from the minute Noah was arrested, that’s it. Four hours of intense, high drama.”

The show is mega gripping (

You can watch the first episode of No Return on ITV Hub now.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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