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Shaughna Phillips Has The Best Advice For The Girls Following Casa Amor

Shaughna Phillips Has The Best Advice For The Girls Following Casa Amor

Top notch words of wisdom here.

Casa Amor has always provided plenty of drama, especially when the original villa girls and boys are eventually reunited.

But former Love Island star, Shaughna Phillips, 25, has dished out some much-needed advice for the girls, ready for when the boys return from Casa Amor with their heads having possibly been turned.

Shaughna has been a victim of Casa Amor in the past (

Casa Amor has provided some of Love Island’s more memorable moments, including when Shaughna came up with the ultimate one-liner to keep her head high, shooting a pithy "Congrats, hun" to her partner Callum Jones when he returned with Molly Smith.

So, having gone through the heartbreak and humiliation that Casa Amor entails and managing to still maintain the sassiness, Shaughna tweeted her words of wisdom.

“I just hope the girls remember, IF a boy comes back with another girl and leaves you standing alone after Casa Amor, that is not the time for a reaction," she wrote. "That is the time to come up with a memorable one liner and act unbothered AF (and then cry later) #LoveIsland”.

Shaughna saved the tears for later and made sure Callum received her one-liner instead (

Shaughna obviously still has her sense of humour when it comes to dealing with the brutal Casa Amor twists.

She followed up later on Twitter, saying: “Watching Casa Amor is truly traumatising lol #loveIsland”.

Casa Amor led to Callum ditching Shaughna for Mollie (

Love Island fans rated Shaughna’s advice.

One person replied to the tweet: “I have said it before and I will say it again. My favourite line everrrrr! I need 'Congrats hun' on a t-shirt”.

Someone else wrote: “The best line ever. You were so dignified. Toby and Teddy are definitely going to stray. Gutted for Millie if Liam does though”.

“To be fair I remember you more than either of them! Congrats Hun… you win!”, congratulated another Twitter user.

Fingers crossed then that the girls will follow in Shaughna’s footsteps and have some killer one-liners ready for the boys when they return from their lads’ holiday.

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