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Selling Sunset Fans Are Losing It Over Zelda And Niko's 'Agent Profiles'

Selling Sunset Fans Are Losing It Over Zelda And Niko's 'Agent Profiles'

Director of Pup-lick Relations.

We always knew the cast of Selling Sunset could be bitchy, but they’re nothing compared to the office dogs.

As we very much saw in the fourth season of the Netflix reality show, the Oppenheim Group really consider their pet pooches to be part of the family (we were literally invited to a dog birthday party which included poems), but they’re also very much part of the real estate business.

The dogs celebrated their birthday in the show (

Fans of Selling Sunset have taken to the programme’s Reddit page to reveal that Niko and Zelda have their very own profiles on the Oppenheim, Group website – and it is very cute, if not quite cringe.

Listed at the bottom of the Our Team: West Hollywood page, you can find the ‘Pup-Lick Relations’ section, where Niko and Zelda live.

Niko, who celebrated his 15th birthday on the show, is listed as ‘Director of Pup-Lick Relations’.

His profile reads: “After living in posh London and vibrant New York, Niko returned to his native Los Angeles where he joined The Oppenheim Group. As the Director of Public (Pup-Lick) Relations, he plays an integral role in office cohesiveness with his pleasant disposition and consummate professionalism. Always the first to greet clients at the door, he uses his innate knowledge of human nature to gain their trust, confidence, and eventually their hearts.

Niko is a director of 'pup-lick relations' (
Instagram @puplickrelations)

“Serving a dual function as a level K-9 realtor, Niko is never shy to mark his territory; he has quickly established himself as a dominant force on the Sunset Strip, thanks to his intimate knowledge of the area and his ability to chase a lead and sniff out a good deal before the competition.”

These dog puns are enough to make anyone feel a little…ruff.

Elsewhere, four-year-old Zelda is listed as ‘In-House Barkitect’.

Zelda is 'in-house barkitect' (
Instagram - zeldathedogwarriorprincess)

“Zelda joined The Oppenheim Group as the In-House Barkitect at just 10 weeks old, and absolutely zero training (not even potty),” her profile reads. “Despite her lack of expertise, she has quickly excelled at the brokerage as somebody keen on building friendships, melting hearts, and letting her voice be heard to anyone walking by on Sunset Boulevard.

“Being only able to see in black and white, Zelda was initially challenged by the concept of a blueprint. Working her entire life (roughly one year, although she describes it as feeling like seven) she has managed to produce detailed drawings day-in and day-out, all without an opposable thumb.

"When she's not working, Zelda likes to annoy her big brother Niko, walk around the office chewing on things, and annoy Niko some more.”

Totes adorbs.

Selling Sunset is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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