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Woman Dumped By Ex So He Could 'Focus On Career' Is Now Dating His Boss

Woman Dumped By Ex So He Could 'Focus On Career' Is Now Dating His Boss

TikTok users are divided about Polina Nioly's 'revenge' on her ex.

Breaking up can be a miserable experience however one woman on TikTok completely changed that narrative and she shared an anecdote about how she's moving on from her ex - and people are obsessed. Watch the video below.

TikToker Polina Nioly gave her followers all the motivation they need to get over a break-up in the video, which has been viewed 1.3 million times.

She often shares her lavish lifestyle with her 264,000 TikTok followers and we can see why people have so many opinions about her ex-boyfriend dumping her to 'focus on his career'.

However some TikTok users were divided after watching the video.

One commenter replied: “THE LIFE I WANT.”

Another person wrote: “Ohhhhh that’s GOT to hurt.”

TikTok users are obsessed with Polina's revenge. (

A third said: “He didn’t want to put the effort into HER and his career so she found someone who would. As she should.”

A fourth TikTok user simply said: “GIRL BOSS MOVE.”

Other TikTokers were more critical about Polina ‘flexing’ her revenge on her ex-boyfriend and said reactions would be different if the roles were reversed.

One man said: “I actually respect him for his decision.”

While another gentleman said: “I'm glad he moved on he'll find [someone] who really appreciates him.”

One woman came to the unknown ex-boyfriend’s defence and wrote: “There’s nothing wrong with a guy that wants to focus on his career especially if he has invested thousands of dollars on his education.

"If a girl did this, that would be completely okay as well and she probably wouldn’t get as much hate."

Some men on TikTok called out Polina. (

Polina defended herself in the comments section and replied to several people who called her out for her actions.

"Not the people in a comment saying something like 'oh girls are searching for money'," she said. "Besties I am a millionaire with a 100+ employees, am I suppose to date someone less than I am? No thanks."

When another user suggested the video proves she's still thinking about her ex, Polina replied: "Am I? How so?"

After another user commented 'yessssss', Polina said: "Revenge should be served cold".

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ PolinaNioly

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