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Peaky Blinders Fans Convinced They Know Who The 'The Grey Man' Is

Peaky Blinders Fans Convinced They Know Who The 'The Grey Man' Is

The fans might have solved the mystery...

Peaky Blinders fans are convinced they've figured out the identity of the mysterious "Grey Man".

In the second episode of series six, viewers watched with bated breath as Tommy (Cillian Murphy) and Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) cared for their poorly daughter Ruby (Orla McDonagh).

However as Tommy continued to suffer fits and Ruby’s health began to deteriorate, she mentioned something - or shall we say someone - that sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

Watch the clip below:

Concerned mum Lizzie was left shaken when she overheard Ruby talking to the "Grey Man”. Could it be a hallucination as a result of her poor health? Fans are keen to know.

Some Peaky Blinders fanatics went straight to Reddit after the episode aired to speak about the unsettling scene involving Ruby and they all seem to be in agreement about who the "Grey Man" actually is.

One fan said: "Surely it’s the ‘Prussian boy with green eyes’ that Tommy said was the first man he ever killed?

"This would make sense as Ruby describes the figure she’s seeing as a ‘Grey man with green eyes’. Prussian uniform is grey and he’s covered in mud/clay.

Lizzie listened as her daughter Ruby spoke about the 'Grey Man'. (

The fan also posted an alternate theory linked to the first one which also sounds plausible. "An interesting thought however is that Ruby said that ‘the grey man’ is coming for Tommy - Michael's surname is Grey."

Consider us intrigued!

Fans in the comments definitely thought the theory could be possible after identifying all the clues. “This theory holds up IMO, the voices from the chimney references the shouting in the underground tunnels,” said one Peaky Blinders viewer.

They added: “The fact that Michael's surname is Gray may be a sort of red herring to keep us guessing”.

While a second fan agreed with the theory, writing: “Yeah i thought it was obvious tbh”.

Tommy is being haunted by visions and voices. (

Other responses unpacked the theory and pondered the meaning behind the Gray Man. “I feel like the grey man could be symbolism for his guilt or ptsd,” proposed one fan. “Up and till he pulled the trigger on himself he was winning the fight somewhat but now he’s passed that tipping point all kinds of things are spewing out his head.

"He hasn’t seemed like himself this season and more of a former shadow.”

While someone else simply said: “I'm certain it is the Prussian boy”.

Peaky Blinders continues on Sunday 13th March at 9pm on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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