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Peaky Blinders Fans Lose It Over New Season 6 Sneak Peek

Peaky Blinders Fans Lose It Over New Season 6 Sneak Peek

It's almost here and we can't wait!

A brand new teaser for the upcoming sixth season of Peaky Blinders - and fans are losing it.

Watch the clip below:

The clip was posted by director and producer Anthony Byrne. "Can’t wait for you all to see more. And more is coming very soon," he teased.

Fans were collectively shook after watching the seven second teaser, which features Ada Thorne (played by Sophie Rundle) tell Thomas Shelby ominously: "Take a good look Tommy because one of us isn't gonna' be here for long".


One fan said: "Literally, Can't wait."

Ada threatens Tommy in the new teaser (

Another Instagram user replied: "So excited! One of my fave shows of all time"

While a third typed: "So excited about this new series bab, cor wait for it to start."

And a fourth joked: "Sick with excitement!"

The upcoming sixth series, which has been confirmed by showrunner Stephen Knight to be the very last of the Brummie gangster drama, is set to premiere next year.

Earlier this month a dimly lit 10 second teaser trailer sees Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby striding towards someone – and that person is none other than Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons.

Watch the trailer below:

We can't wait!

Although the end is near, Steven Knight has hinted that a Peaky Blinders spin-off show could go ahead without actor Cillian Murphy's iconic character.

Although he admits it would be "impossible" to imagine the current Peaky Blinders show without him, he isn't ruling it out for future spin-offs.

Knight told Birmingham Live, "In the form it is in, it is absolutely impossible for this to work without Cillian. As it grows and progresses, who knows? There may be worlds that are part of the Peaky world that are about someone else but he is the centre around everything orbits.

Peaky Blinders returns in early 2022 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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