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Netflix viewers all asking same question about new psychological thriller

Netflix viewers all asking same question about new psychological thriller

Fans are all thinking the same thing about Netflix's newest psychological mystery thriller

With just seven episodes out, the new mystery thriller, Echoes, is seemingly taking Netflix by storm.

While Netflix viewers are clearly excited by the streaming platform's newest arrival to the Psychological Thriller genre, many are wondering the same exact question.

Voted No.1 in TV Programmes today, the Netflix summary for the all-new, limited series reads as follows: "Identical twin sisters Leni and Gina decide to swap their lives. However, there are dire consequences when one of the twins goes missing, causing both of their lives to rapidly fall apart."

Many are wondering the same exact question surrounding the new Netflix thriller.

Starring the likes of Michelle Monoghan, Matt Bomer and Karen Robinson, the tale follows the peculiar and mysterious lives of sisters Leni and Gina - both of which are played by Monoghan.

Matt Bomer joins Michelle Monoghan who plays both Leni and Gina in Echoes.

And this is where the issue lies - according to watchers.

Taking to Twitter, many users are voicing their confusion and difficulty keeping up with the whole twin dynamic.

Heads up - this will contain spoilers!

Amidst the fan theories, debates and occasional reference to Matt Bomer's handsomeness, one Twitter user revealed: "I’m watching Echoes and I need a chart or some diagram to keep this story straight."

Clearly finding the story cryptic from the start, another Twitter user posted: "This show has so many twists and turns and I’m only on the second episode!"

Another Twitter user chimed in, also admitting their utter confusion only two episodes into the series.

A forth seemed to have cracked the code as to why so many people were baffled by the new Netflix series.

"I think only identical twins or other identical multiples would be able to completely follow this show, who's who, and all the switching without a problem..." they posted.

Some took the time to question the twins' families' lack of awareness for the twisted situation, with one person speculating: "No one in the family seems to notice that the identical twins are literally never in the same room at the same time?"

Amidst the memes and reaction gifs, others were actually annoyed at the confusion so much so that they snapped back at the streaming platform for the bewildering plot.

"We, the audience, are capable of understanding complex and mysterious storylines. But Echoes could have done a better job at establishing the difference between these twins," one user wrote.

They added: "It gets so convoluted that I had to turn it off."

Echoes is now available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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