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Netflix viewers slam 'disturbing' Blonde over huge Marilyn Monroe inaccuracies

Netflix viewers slam 'disturbing' Blonde over huge Marilyn Monroe inaccuracies

Fans are particularly disturbed by the inaccurate sexual assault scenes.

Netflix viewers have hit out at the streaming platform's latest addition, Blonde, which explores the darker side of the late Marilyn Monroe's life.

They have slammed the film for seemingly being based on events from Monroe's life and it has been accused of gross factual inaccuracies.

Blonde follows the late actor's rise to fame in the 1950s and documents her eventual demise and death from an overdose at the age of just 36.

However, a lot of the information in the film is fictionalised, and fans of Monroe are not happy about it.

Some of the fictional scenes from the film involve former President John F Kennedy having rough, non-consensual sex with Monroe, which stems from the speculation that the pair had a relationship.

The threesome with Charles Chaplin Jr. and Edward G. Robinson Jr. is also a work of fiction, as too is Monroe's abortion in the film.

The scene with John F Kennedy has been a major point of criticism for many fans.

But sexual inaccuracies aside, Blonde also sees Monroe say she hated her work as an actress when, in reality, she said 'the only time she was happy was when she was working'.

One viewer slammed: "It is exploitative, demeaning and not an accurate representation of the power and wit that was Marilyn Monroe. I feel ashamed for watching this; what a misogynistic, black and white view of a multifaceted and complex woman."

"I could not finish #blonde," added a second. "It was disturbing and disgusting and not accurate.

"While it is true she was sexually abused by men that raised her and maybe other men, this was depicted different in the movie. How this movie made it to Netflix is beyond me."

A third warned: "Please do not watch #Blonde. This movie is so inaccurate and disturbing. I've always loved Marilyn and this is the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen. Don't waste your time.

"Instead, let's remember her as the beautiful, confident and vibrant woman that she was."

"After watching Blonde, I hope the cast and crew check their homes for angry spirits… cuz if I were Marilyn Monroe I'd def be haunting people just on that JFK scene alone [sic]," remarked a fourth.

It's long been speculated that Monroe had a relationship with John F Kennedy.

However, while the film has upset a lot of viewers, this is something that its director Andrew Dominik said he wanted to happen.

He told told Sight and Sound: "I'm not concerned with being tasteful. Blonde is supposed to leave you shaking.

"It's a howl of pain or rage. Of all the films I've made, it's the one that strikes me the most differently each time I watch it."

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