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If you're familiar with the reality TV show Most Haunted, then you might remember the time they were convinced they'd finally caught a ghost on camera, just about 15 years after they started the show.

Episode after episode of Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell running around in the dark finally resulted in them thinking they'd got a ghost on camera in 2018.

Fielding said it was 'the most ground-breaking footage we have ever recorded' but in the end it 'just gave us more questions', because, of course, otherwise you run out of paranormal questions and there's no show any more.

Beattie, who was behind the camera for the moment said 'the replay of the filming clearly shows the vision in detail'.

The episode was filmed at Wentworth Woodhouse stable block - a site near Rotherham in South Yorkshire that was built in 1630 by Thomas Wentworth, the first Earl of Strafford.

"Look out, a ghost! Maybe, or it might just be absolutely nothing at all."
Really / Most Haunted

In the episode, as ever, we got to see Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell running about in the dark, trying to capture ghostly activity on camera - and the team reckon they nailed it in this episode.

They got their big moment when the team saw what they thought could be the translucent figure of a spectre walking down a hallway.

Telling the supposed spirit to 'walk up this corridor' they said they heard a noise and were sure they saw something and went running down the hallway to catch the ghost.

If you think about it in those terms, then being a ghost must be a pretty lonely existence as they seem bound to the place they died and can hear people but can't communicate with the living.

You'd basically have to hope you died in a cinema or some great tourist attraction so you wouldn't run out of things to see.

The truth is right in front of your eyes, or it might just have been some guy in a hoodie.

It's still probably nowhere near enough to convince the sceptics who reckon that the Most Haunted team spent their time wandering around inside buildings late at night wondering if every creak and noise was evidence of a ghost.

The sceptics would probably be in the right here, as after people complained about the show, broadcasting regulator Ofcom ruled that it was entertainment rather than a legitimate attempt to investigate paranormal activity.

They said Most Haunted 'should not be taken seriously' by audiences, though if you believe in ghosts then you can spend a fine time watching people stumble about a dark house.

Plus, it can be pretty handy for learning some of the more gruesome stories dotted around the UK to get a quasi-true crime thrill from the whole thing.

Featured Image Credit: Really

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