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Michael Owen Reacts To Gemma's Love Island Heart Rate Challenge

Michael Owen Reacts To Gemma's Love Island Heart Rate Challenge

Poor Michael took to Twitter.

It was an explosive episode of Love Island on Tuesday (28 June) evening, as the islanders took part in the heart rate challenge.

The challenge sees the islanders try to raise each other's heart rates by dressing up in various different costumes and performing cheeky dances.

The islanders took part in the heart rate challenge.

The girls went first, putting on their best performances for the boys, who were then tasked with the same challenge.

Viewers have been looking forward to the popular challenge, as it often causes a bit of drama. But one person who seemingly wasn't enjoying the episode was Michael Owen - Gemma Owen's dad - who tweeted about the ep.

Poor Michael took to Twitter with a single hands over face emoji - and fans found it hilarious.

Oh dear!

Ever since the challenge was announced in Monday's episode, fans have been predicting the challenge will reveal Ekin-Su and Davide's 'true feelings' for one another.

One wrote on Twitter: "Davide’s heart rate will go up for ekin-su."

While another said: "I hope Davide's heart rate gets raised the most by ekin and vice versa."

And a third added: "A can’t wait for Ekin-su and davide’s heart rate to be through the roof for each other."

Elsewhere in Tuesday's episode, Danica admits she wants to get to know Andrew.

Danica, who hasn't had much luck in the villa recently after taking a risk and coupling up with Luca Bish, pulls Andrew for a chat during Tuesday's ep.

The islanders were tasked with raising each other's heart rates.

Laying her cards on the table, she tells him: "You are a fully grown man, you will do whatever you want to do but actually I just need to be honest with you and what I feel and what vibe I get. I do enjoy getting to know you.”

Andrew agrees, adding: “Yeah, I do enjoy our chats to be fair.”

“Obviously, I think this is more for me to just let you know I do fancy you," Danica continues. "I’m open to getting to know you a bit more, I enjoy our conversations, you make me feel very comfortable and I’m just letting you know so you’ve got the heads up.”

The chat came after a pep talk from Ekin-Su, who told Danica: “You are a bombshell, remember. You are a Bomb. Shell. You came in a shell - but we don’t see the bomb exploding.”

“Yeah the bomb exploded and then it just died down…well not anymore hun," says Danica.

We predict drama!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram (themichaelowen)/ ITV

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