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MAFS UK Fans Spot Detail Hinting Morag And Luke Are An Incompatible Match

MAFS UK Fans Spot Detail Hinting Morag And Luke Are An Incompatible Match

We're not holding out hope for these two...

We’re currently obsessed with Married At First Sight UK, which has been revamped to look a lot more like the Australian version.

The extreme dating show sees a selection of singles coupled up by a team of matchmakers, who set couples up based on a series of criteria.

The pair don’t meet each other, or even communicate, until their wedding day – with the pair first meeting down the aisle. Yikes.

Tuesday night’s episode saw Morag Crichton take the plunge, getting married to Luke Dawson – and it’s safe to say sparks have failed to immediately fly.

Watch a video below.

It certainly doesn’t help that the matchmakers have made the bizarre decision to couple up Morag - known familiarly as Moo - who is adamant she doesn’t want kids, with Luke...who is desperate to start a family.

And this didn’t go unnoticed by MAFS viewers, who took to Twitter to query why the matchmakers made that decision.

Luke was disappointed his new wife didn't want kids (
Channel 4)

“The experts pairing Morag who doesn't want kids with Luke who really wants kids,” one person wrote, before adding the meme from Ja’mie: Private School Girl that reads: ‘I am so random, I can’t believe I just did that.’

“Hold on Morag doesn't want children at all, and fair play to her,” a second wrote. “But it's morally wrong and unfair to pair her with Luke who wants a family.

“Why have they set this marriage up to fail at the altar? Both of them deserve better than that.”

Morag bluntly said Luke "isn't what she ordered" (
Channel 4)

“Morag and Luke are going to fail so badly, man. This show is mad!” said a third.

And unfortunately for Luke, Morag was noticeably vocal about how ‘disappointed’ she was in their match, repeatedly saying “this isn’t what I ordered” as if she’d been brought the wrong meal at Nando’s.

“He wouldn’t be my typical guy I would go for so I’m not exactly jumping for joy,” she said bluntly.

Viewers didnt believe the matchmakers did a good job (

“When I first saw him, I was taken aback. He wasn’t what I ordered.”

Fingers crossed that Morag and Luke prove us all wrong…but let’s just say we’re not holding our breath.

Married At First Sight continues Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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