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Married at First Sight's Kwame shares real reason he didn't invite Kasia to his home

Married at First Sight's Kwame shares real reason he didn't invite Kasia to his home

Let's get to the bottom of this!

Married At First Sight fans were left scratching their heads last week when contestant Kwame managed to avoid showing his home to his new wife Kasia - but he has an explanation, and it makes perfect sense.

While the other couples got to see visit each other's houses and get a sneak peek at how their new partner lives, Kwame Badu, 42, brought Kasia London, 36, to... a park bench?

MAFS fans were confused, especially since Kasia seemed happy to invite Kwame to her North London home. Some even theorised that he must be trying to hide a 'secret family'.

Kwame has explained why he wouldn't let Kasia see his home.

Speaking to Kasia on the show, the businesswoman's sisters and best friend couldn't understand why Kwame didn't invite her to his home, and told her that it seemed like there was 'a little imbalance' in the relationship.

Fans couldn't agree more, and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

But in a new interview, Kwame has put the rumours to rest and explained why he didn't - or rather, couldn't - take Kasia to his home.

"When the home stays were approaching, I told the producers that I didn't want to show my home because that's where my children live", he told MailOnline.

"In London, a window, or a specific angle, people are very aware and can identify where you live – it was a safety concern. There's a life both before and after the show."

Kwame went on to explain that he had spoken to show producers about putting him up in an Airbnb instead, and had even told Kasia about the plan, 'which she thought was a great idea.'

But it all went belly-up the day before filming, when producers let Kwame know they couldn't find him a good Airbnb to shoot in, but had instead gotten permission to film at Coronation Gardens.

"People immediately thought I didn't take Kasia home because I live with another woman, I mean Jesus… it's unfair", he said.

Kasia and Kwame's marriage didn't exactly work out.

Sadly, Kasia decided to leave MAFS last week, and now fans have been speculating over whether Kwame had something to do with her early departure.

While contestants spoke to the relationship experts last Thursday, Kasia aired her grievances with Kwame before announcing that she was going to leave.

"As time goes on you want more to be revealed. He is close to his immediate family and he didn’t bring to the table what I brought to the table. You get a feel of someone when you’re in their space", she said.

"I spoke about being a young mum and getting pregnant at a young age.

"And at every corner of my story. Kwame intervened and made a joke or whatever. He doesn’t know how much it really affected me. When that happened I checked out. I’m the real deal, b***h."

Since leaving the show, Kasia hasn't held back on calling out Kwame, both in interviews and on social media. But, as you can see here, it's all been very above board...

But Kwame has insisted that the drama viewers saw on TV was nothing more than a fabrication.

"Sometimes things make good TV, and it creates a narrative", he said.

"Why would such a powerful, intelligent, and strong woman stay with me that long in the experiment if I were such a bad man? Why would she continually put stay?

"I was blindsided towards the end. I had ordered a new suit for the vow renewal and the suit was delivered to where we were staying - in my mind we were going to our renewals and seeing the process through to the end."

Married At First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm.

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