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Married At First Sight UK Fans Feel Sorry For Bob After Awkward Dinner Party Scenes

Married At First Sight UK Fans Feel Sorry For Bob After Awkward Dinner Party Scenes

Poor Bob was left in tears during an awkward MAFS UK dinner party.

Married At First Sight UK fans were left absolutely gutted for Robert Voysey during Wednesday's show, as they saw Megan Wolfe reject him in front of all the other dinner party guests.

Megan and Bob hit a slight bump in the road during their honeymoon, when she realised that their personalities were very different, considering he's a self-confessed extrovert and she's more reserved.

But they resolved to continue to give things a go, and put their all into making things work.

However, the dinner party - where they'd be faced with all the other couples - really seemed to stress Megan out, and she certainly made it known.

Megan made no secret that she didn't like Bob (

On the way, Megan asked Bob: "Are you gonna embarrass me?"

And when they got there, she continued to make digs at him, which made him visibly squirm and eventually sob to the camera, when she wasn't looking.

After seeing how loved up Tayah and Adam were, she said: "You cant help but say thats what I wanted".

And she made no secret of the fact she wasn't there with Bob, declaring in front of everyone that they were "more like friends" and making him blush as she told everyone that she'd banished him to the sofa.

"He just pisses me off sometimes," she laughed right in front of his face.

Megan sobbed to Bob about their lack of connection (

A clearly deflated Megan told the girls, later: "He's like a child, I'm so gutted".

And things went from bad to worse as the evening went on.

With each couple that walked in, Megan got more and more emotional at the fact that their relationship was stronger than hers, and eventually started crying.

"I don’t know whats wrong with me I'm just really overwhelmed," she told him as he earnestly comforted her.

But he broke down later as he realised she was upset because of him.

"It's hard when the one person who you want to like you doesn't," he said, with tears in his eyes.

Oh, Bob!

Megan was gutted with where her relationship was at (

"Nah Megan nah your not even giving Bob a chance #MAFSUK," one person wrote as they watched the scenes unfold.

"Oh Bob you’re lovely," wrote another. "Megan also deserves to be happy - and they clearly aren’t compatible - but Bob is trying SO hard #MAFSUK".

"Omg Megan putting Bob down is making me seriously cry :( #mafsuk," wrote a third.

Despite the fact many think there was room for improvement when it came to Megan's timing, it has to be noted that she went on the experiment to find love, and was probably genuinely gutted not to have achieved that with Bob.

We hope these guys manage to work it out when they get away from the rest of the couples!

Featured Image Credit: E4